A Bloody Start to Ramadan in Afghanistan

The US backed Afghan president Ashraf Ghani called for a Ramadan truce with the Taliban this year, but the Taliban rejected it, continuing attacks against Afghan government forces. The Taliban insisted there will not be any ceasefires or peace until foreign troops have left the country. Spokesman for the Taliban Zabiullah Mujahid tweeted on May … Continue reading “A Bloody Start to Ramadan in Afghanistan”

The Stories of the Battle of Raqqa

In a stunning piece of journalism, Amnesty International and Airwars teamed up to find the real number of civilian deaths in the US led coalitions air war on the Islamic State in Raqqa, Syria from June-October 2017. According to the report the coalition admitted to 159 deaths up to April 24th 2019 but the study … Continue reading “The Stories of the Battle of Raqqa”