We Found WMD – and It Was Ours

Excerpt from Our Generals Don’t Even Know Who We Are, coming from Cumberland House Publishing in October Amar Abdul Rahman was a survivor. He was also a fiercely patriotic Iraqi and thought of himself as an honest man – two things that did not always go together. Rahman had served for over fifteen years in … Continue reading “We Found WMD – and It Was Ours”

From the Founders
to the Felons

For the past several weeks now, we have had to deal, as a country, with the realization that the Pentagon, the White House, the National Security Agency, the Justice Department, and who knows how many other federal intelligence and law enforcement agencies have been secretly tapping into untold thousands of telephone conversations by U.S. citizens … Continue reading “From the Founders
to the Felons”

Military Medicine on Trial

Since the fall of 2002 at the military prison at Guantanamo Bay (GITMO), and during the fall of 2003 and early winter of 2004 at the now infamous U.S. Army detention facility at Abu Ghraib, Iraq, several Iraqi, Afghan, Pakistani and other “enemy combatant” detainees were abused, tortured and in some cases, murdered. No one … Continue reading “Military Medicine on Trial”

Army Whistleblower Says Superiors Hid Torture

A U.S. Army counterintelligence agent who accused fellow National Guardsmen of abusing Iraqi detainees says that his own commander coerced an Army psychiatrist into diagnosing him as “delusional.” According to Sergeant Greg Ford, his commanding officer confronted psychiatrist Angelina Madera, a captain with the 30th Medical Support Element, after she had initially assessed Ford to … Continue reading “Army Whistleblower Says Superiors Hid Torture”