Afghanistan and Our Murderous Sanctions Addiction

The people of Afghanistan are facing what could be the worst modern famine in at least half a century, and US policies will be responsible for much of the humanitarian catastrophe if they are not changed immediately. Afghanistan became heavily dependent on international aid during the 20-year US war, and it is also heavily dependent … Continue reading “Afghanistan and Our Murderous Sanctions Addiction”

Neutrality for Ukraine Is the Right Answer

The best solution to the current Ukraine crisis is for all parties to agree to Ukrainian neutrality, but this is exactly what Western governments and the Ukrainian government refuse to consider. US and NATO officials have said that Russian demands to rule out further NATO expansion to the east is a non-starter. Ukrainian Foreign Minister … Continue reading “Neutrality for Ukraine Is the Right Answer”

The Absurdity of Threat Inflation

The US faces very few serious threats from other states, and the United States is extraordinarily secure from physical attack. To make other states seem remotely threatening to US security, the government and cooperative media outlets have to exaggerate the power of other states and inflate their ability to threaten Americans. Because of the huge … Continue reading “The Absurdity of Threat Inflation”

The World Keeps Yemen Waiting With Deadly Results

The United Nations Development Program projects that the war in Yemen will have killed at least 377,000 people by the end of this year. That projection represents an increase of more than 140,000 over the previous year’s report. As in previous years, 60% of the war’s casualties have been caused by indirect causes of disease … Continue reading “The World Keeps Yemen Waiting With Deadly Results”

Biden Keeps the US Mired in the Middle East

US foreign policy has been consumed by hawkish obsessions in the Middle East for the last thirty years, and the next decade promises more of the same. Despite repeated claims over the last decade that the US is "retreating" from the region, one administration after another keeps our country mired in its conflicts and rivalries. … Continue reading “Biden Keeps the US Mired in the Middle East”

The GOP’s Hawkish Conformism on China

The Republican Party’s foreign policy is increasingly defined by hostility to China above all else. Whether it is current Republican members of Congress or candidates seeking election in next year’s midterms, there is unanimity on the need for a more aggressive and combative China policy. One looks in vain for any elected Republicans urging caution … Continue reading “The GOP’s Hawkish Conformism on China”

Dispensing With Indispensability: The US Failed To Improve the World

The conceit that America is "the indispensable nation" has been a core assumption of US policymakers for at least the last thirty years. The idea of American indispensability has served as an excuse for the US to interfere in many other countries’ internal affairs and to wage illegal wars in the name of "maintaining" international … Continue reading “Dispensing With Indispensability: The US Failed To Improve the World”

Attacking Iran Would Be a Crime

The US government has made a habit of threatening other countries with military attack if they fail to do what Washington wants, and in some cases the other country finds itself under attack even when it has complied. Iraq disarmed and ended its unconventional weapons programs, and then it was invaded anyway in the name … Continue reading “Attacking Iran Would Be a Crime”

Biden’s Unforced Taiwan Error

The US is not obliged to defend Taiwan, and because of that China hawks have been agitating for at least the last year to make an explicit security guarantee to protect Taiwan against attack. Last week, President Biden made another unforced error when he affirmed that the US has a "commitment" to defend Taiwan when … Continue reading “Biden’s Unforced Taiwan Error”

Sanctions Are an Inherently Indiscriminate Weapon

The Biden administration concluded its very long review of US sanctions policy this week, and the results were woefully inadequate. Judging from the review and the administration’s record so far, there isn’t much reason to expect a significant change in the frequent use of broad sanctions. The sanctions review has dragged on all year, and … Continue reading “Sanctions Are an Inherently Indiscriminate Weapon”