Tom Cotton, Fanatical Militarist

Sen. Tom Cotton tried to define what he calls a "conservative foreign policy" in a speech at the National Review Institute earlier this week, and in doing so he demonstrated just how devoid of wisdom and prudence Republican hawks are. "Foreign policy is emphatically not the province of doctrines," Cotton declared, but it would be … Continue reading “Tom Cotton, Fanatical Militarist”

Congress Must Reject the Crazy Russia AUMF

The US has no business joining the war in Ukraine, and Congress should refuse to approve any measure that endorses direct intervention in the conflict. Rep. Adam Kinzinger is sponsoring a new resolution authorizing the use of American military force in the war, and it is vital that Congress rejects it. Kinzinger has been one … Continue reading “Congress Must Reject the Crazy Russia AUMF”

Breaking the Habit of Bullying Small States

The US and Australian panic over a security agreement between China and the Solomon Islands is a warning sign of how irrational and dangerous Washington’s anti-China containment policy has already become. The security agreement itself seems to be modest in its terms and includes no basing rights for Chinese forces, but that hasn’t stopped US … Continue reading “Breaking the Habit of Bullying Small States”

Isolating Russia Is a Dead End

The US and its allies are reportedly pursuing a "long-term strategy" that seeks to "isolate and weaken" Russia in response to the war in Ukraine. Like other "strategies" to isolate targeted states through sanctions and threats, this one will use punitive measures to inflict economic pain for its own sake. Western governments are no longer … Continue reading “Isolating Russia Is a Dead End”

Biden’s Last Chance on the Nuclear Deal

The Biden administration’s year-long negotiations to salvage the nuclear deal are close to failing, and it is telling that the reason for the failure will be an issue that has nothing to do with nuclear proliferation. The latest sticking point is the US designation of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) as a terrorist group, … Continue reading “Biden’s Last Chance on the Nuclear Deal”

Stop Indulging the Saudis and the UAE

The Biden administration has catered to the governments of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) for the last year with more weapons sales and deployments of US forces, but this has only encouraged them to demand even more support and to complain that the US has not indulged their whims enough. Now there … Continue reading “Stop Indulging the Saudis and the UAE”

Biden’s Careless Regime Change Rhetoric

Biden delivered a lengthy speech in Warsaw last week, but the only thing most people will know about it or remember from it was the ad-libbed line at the very end when he declared, "For God’s sake, this man cannot remain in power." It seemed like an obvious demand for regime change in Moscow, and … Continue reading “Biden’s Careless Regime Change Rhetoric”

With Biden’s Support, Saudi Arabia Escalates Its War of Aggression in Yemen

The US-backed war on Yemen started seven years ago this week, and after all this time US policy is practically unchanged. The coalition bombing campaign has picked up again in recent months with 700 airstrikes in February alone, and according to the Yemen Data Project the bombing has been more intense during this period than … Continue reading “With Biden’s Support, Saudi Arabia Escalates Its War of Aggression in Yemen”

A ‘No-Fly Zone’ Is a Non-Starter

Most Americans want to keep the US out of the war in Ukraine. The public wants neither troops on the ground nor planes in sky over Ukraine. While there is sympathy for the Ukrainian people, most Americans understand that our government should not join the conflict. The Biden administration has so far refused to listen … Continue reading “A ‘No-Fly Zone’ Is a Non-Starter”

US Venezuela Policy Is a Destructive Failure

The US has waged senseless economic war against the people of Venezuela for years in pursuit of regime change. Now that it has embarked on a destructive economic war against Russia, the Biden administration is beginning to entertain easing some of the broad sanctions on Venezuela that have greatly exacerbated the country’s humanitarian crisis. US … Continue reading “US Venezuela Policy Is a Destructive Failure”