US Torturers Are Still Awaiting Arrest

Treat ’em harshly,Go to town!There’s no courtTo bring us down. Torture isn’t a good subject to fail on one’s moral report card. If you’re an individual, St. Peter is likely to take a dim view. If you’re a nation, it can cost you plenty of international prestige, besides putting hot-headed zealots yearning for revenge on … Continue reading “US Torturers Are Still Awaiting Arrest”

Sorry, You’re Under Surveillance

Orwell, Kafka, They could see; That government Would soon watch me. For governments keen on muzzling and thwarting opposition, terrorism is a God-sent cover. A nation subject to terrorist attack can get away with deception, surveillance, secret arrests, harassment, entrapment, censorship, spying, stealing, and grievous infringements on travel. Nothing to it… you just cite national … Continue reading “Sorry, You’re Under Surveillance”

Downplaying the Mess of War

“Honor those Who lives did give; But now who pays For those that live?” The best part of America’s wars is that, except for limited attacks during WWII, all our conflicts have been fought on somebody else’s soil since the battle of Appomattox. This represents good and careful planning. You certainly don’t want your own … Continue reading “Downplaying the Mess of War”