Mark Steyn is a right wing Canadian journalist, which is interesting enough in itself, but not the reason we’re going to spend a little time with him. He’s also Conrad Black’s bestest friend in the whole wide world, which is reasonable enough as Lord Black likes selling newspapers, and Mr. Steyn is a very talented … Continue reading “A MORALITY TALE”


I should start with an apology, as this piece is wildly long, repetitive in purpose (check out Emmanuel Goldstein’s much more concise alternative), and dubious in form as an exercise in English prose. However, my moral qualms aren’t sufficient to spare you, for what I’m going to do – and even I don’t want to … Continue reading “A TORY LAMENTS:”

Terrorism, at Home and Abroad

Let me tell you a story. Or rather, why not let Prof. James D. Miller, writing for National Review Online, tell you one, since he does it so much better than I could: "America should not even pretend to care about the rights of dictators. In the 21st century the only leaders whom we should … Continue reading “Terrorism, at Home and Abroad”