Who\’s Scared of Euroland?

Changing Conservatives In opposition the Tory party is a marvelous beast. All those principles which, when in power, we sacrificed in favour of what seemed like the \’sensible\’ policies required for governing, well see how we love them now. Adamantine we are in our defence of the Union, or against European encroachments on British sovereignty, … Continue reading “Who\’s Scared of Euroland?”

On the Nature of Meaning (and Union Jack Tee-Shirts)

Bliss It Was Who is Christopher Caldwell? No doubt Google would tell me some sort of truth about the man, but is there world enough and time to be bothered? He\’s something to do with that gaggle of charmers over at Mr Murdoch\’s Weekly Standard, I know that much, but nothing else. I don\’t know … Continue reading “On the Nature of Meaning (and Union Jack Tee-Shirts)”

How Iain Won\’t Save Britain

Is Gordon Brown a Eurosceptic? Well of course he\’s not, but every time that question is asked of him, or the label is tentatively applied to him, what\’s really meant is: the Chancellor\’s not as keen as the Prime Minister to replace Sterling with the Euro. Whether this distinction exists because the Chancellor, having sat … Continue reading “How Iain Won\’t Save Britain”

The Anglo-American Way of War

Winners & Losers It\’s a good thing that this war is coming to an end soon as otherwise I don\’t think the TV companies could have afforded to continue covering it. Already several of the US networks have shipped home some of their more expensive human resources, and just think where we would be if … Continue reading “The Anglo-American Way of War”