When American Warmongers Unite

A gross political diversion has found its way onto American mainstream and social media recently, one that stinks of historical manipulation and neoconservative bias. It showed its face during the reaction to the death of John McCain and continued with Joe Biden presenting a farcical award to George W. Bush. It’s the continued white washing … Continue reading “When American Warmongers Unite”

When Dollars and Cents Trump Any Kind of Sense

There it is. Three quarters of a trillion dollars in a single annual military budget. Congress even passed it before the start of the fiscal year, to boot. Listening to the first episode of "Net Assessment", a podcast by the folks at War on the Rocks, I heard that they were going to dissect an … Continue reading “When Dollars and Cents Trump Any Kind of Sense”

Moral Injury in the Terror Wars

There’s a new term for the deeply held emotional damage often caused by combat: moral injury. Moral injury is a fascinating, if not equally morbid, subject that should interest anyone in an authoritative position, but most often affects common veterans and active service members. People don’t choose their morals, at least not all of them. … Continue reading “Moral Injury in the Terror Wars”