Trump Has Killed Beautiful Babies in Four Countries

US president Donald Trump sounded sincere when he described how he felt after seeing pictures of "beautiful little babies" allegedly killed by a Syrian government chemical weapons attack on April 4. “These heinous actions by the Assad regime cannot be tolerated," said Trump, and hours later, the US launched nearly 60 tomahawk missiles in response … Continue reading “Trump Has Killed Beautiful Babies in Four Countries”

Who Is Khalifa Hifter?

In 1991, the New York Times reported that 350 exiled "Libyan soldiers were trained by American intelligence officials in sabotage and other guerrilla skills. The plan to use the exiles fit neatly into the Reagan Administration’s eagerness to topple Colonel [Muammar] Qaddafi." Former Libyan General Khalifa Hifter was the leader of that group, the Libyan … Continue reading “Who Is Khalifa Hifter?”

Bernie Hysteria and Liberal Hypocrisy

The primary purpose of this article isn’t to make any of Bernie Sanders’ Democratic or Republican competition look comparatively good – regardless of who’s elected the next president of the United States, the builders of the American Empire, particularly weapon manufacturers, will be happy. The intent of this piece is to call out Democrats, liberals … Continue reading “Bernie Hysteria and Liberal Hypocrisy”

Bernie, War, and the Empire’s Pie

As candidates prepare for Saturday’s Democratic presidential debate in Iowa, it will be interesting to see how Bernie Sanders continues the ruse of promoting himself as a peace candidate.  It will be even more interesting to see if Sanders supporters continue to give him a free pass on foreign policy issues simply because they align … Continue reading “Bernie, War, and the Empire’s Pie”

Saudi Atrocities Go Unnoticed

In December 2011, the United States sold $30 billion worth of weapons to the monarchy of Saudi Arabia. Included in the sale were 84 F-15 fighter jets, which are now “at the core” of the Saudi war in Yemen. This fact, and numerous others about the Kingdom have received scant attention from proponents of the … Continue reading “Saudi Atrocities Go Unnoticed”

US Announces Support of Neo-Nazis

Pentagon officials confirmed last week that US troops will deploy to Ukraine in the spring to help build the Ukrainian National Guard. In addition to sending US troops, Washington has already sent heavy military equipment and has earmarked $19 million for Ukrainian forces. In its announcement, the Pentagon failed to mention that the Ukrainian National … Continue reading “US Announces Support of Neo-Nazis”

Thank You, President Obama. Love, Israel

Dear President Obama, We must confess, when you became President, some of us were a little worried that America’s "special relationship" with Israel would come to an end. We were concerned that the United States would no longer provide money, weapons, and most importantly, diplomatic cover to Israel. After all, Jimmy Carter – a former … Continue reading “Thank You, President Obama. Love, Israel”

Six US Presidents Have Destroyed Iraq

It doesn’t take a PhD in Sociology to conclude that Iraq was better off with Saddam Hussein than it is today. It’s not that Saddam was a great leader without blood on his hands. It’s just that what six US presidents have done to Iraq over the past 35 years has been much worse than … Continue reading “Six US Presidents Have Destroyed Iraq”

Heads Up – The US Is Losing in Ukraine

The US doesn’t want peace in Ukraine — it wants control. So now that the situation there has largely blown up in their face, it’s not unreasonable to suspect them of fomenting more unrest in an attempt to change momentum. Monday’s ruthless attack by the Ukrainian government in Donetsk in which up to 100 people … Continue reading “Heads Up – The US Is Losing in Ukraine”

Americans Are Getting Played on Ukraine

Psychologists call it projection, which is defined as a defense mechanism that involves taking our own unacceptable qualities or feelings and ascribing them to other people. Non-psychologists just call it being two-faced. Either way, both perfectly describe what the US is doing to Russia regarding Ukraine. Whether it’s accusing Russia of distributing anti-Semitic leaflets, violating … Continue reading “Americans Are Getting Played on Ukraine”