Iraqi Democracy: Not Quite the Cakewalk

If I had a choice of catching 1,000 feral cats or bringing democracy to Iraq, I’d take the cat job in a New York second. The Shiites want immediate elections; the Sunnis have just organized themselves and oppose immediate elections. The Kurds want autonomy, but the Turks have warned that they’ll cause big trouble if … Continue reading “Iraqi Democracy: Not Quite the Cakewalk”

Threat of Terrorism

You know, I’m sure, that the Bush administration has greatly exaggerated the threat of terrorism. Those who employ the tactic of terrorism do so because they are weak. They have no army. They have no great popular following. Osama bin Laden was a crank living in the mountains of Afghanistan with only a small following … Continue reading “Threat of Terrorism”

Everything Is Hyped

When both the press and the politicians resort to demagoguery, it’s pretty hard to find the truth about anything, including weapons of mass destruction. It’s been fashionable for some time now to scare people about biological weapons that could wipe out mankind. Let’s put this in perspective. When there were a lot fewer humans on … Continue reading “Everything Is Hyped”

Are You Going To Get Mad?

It is now about as clear as it’s going to get that Saddam Hussein had no weapons of mass destruction. Secretary of State Colin Powell even contradicted himself (in his U.N. speech) by admitting recently that there is no evidence of any link between Saddam and al-Qaida. Prior to the Iraq War, the Bush administration … Continue reading “Are You Going To Get Mad?”

Don’t Throw Away Liberty

Probably one of the most chilling statements ever made by a tyrant was Caligula’s warning: "Remember, I can do anything to anybody." Few tyrants have ever had such total power. Even in Caligula’s case, he wielded such power for a relatively short time before he was killed. The only tyrants in our time who could … Continue reading “Don’t Throw Away Liberty”

Saddam Capture Won’t Mean Much

I don’t believe the capture of Saddam Hussein will have any effect on the guerrilla war being conducted against Americans and their Iraqi allies. Saddam’s power was always his ability to command and control. The day he went on the run, he lost that power. He couldn’t command or control anyone. On the contrary, he … Continue reading “Saddam Capture Won’t Mean Much”

Misguided Mission

It’s clear that the president’s brain is occupied by the neoconservatives who surround him. It’s clear from their writings and policy statements that the neoconservatives believe the United States can become the dominant power on Earth. This is a bad judgment that is dangerous and could become lethal. This is why thoughtful people believe it … Continue reading “Misguided Mission”