Why Sanctions Don’t Work

Whenever a foreign country doesn’t go along with the policy goals of the "international community" (i.e. America and it’s allies), one tool that it invariably uses to try and put these nations back in line is the sanction. As most of you are already aware, sanctions involve prohibiting trade in certain goods or services between … Continue reading “Why Sanctions Don’t Work”

The Risks of Nuclear Modernization

The US military establishment seems set to start a new Cold War with China, Russia, and every other country it can paint as an enemy. As with the first Cold War, it will not be complete without an arms race. This is exactly what is happening right now with various programs being implemented by the … Continue reading “The Risks of Nuclear Modernization”

Will the US Ever Get Out of Syria?

Recently, the Biden administration announced that they had no plans to withdraw US troops from Syria. Given the backlash Joe Biden received from the military establishment after the withdrawal from Afghanistan, this was not unexpected. Despite Trump’s multiple attempts to do so during his administration, he ultimately yielded to the Israel lobby, Saudi businessmen, and … Continue reading “Will the US Ever Get Out of Syria?”

NATO, Nukes, and Nazis: The Untold Story of West Germany’s Entry Into the Cold War

One of the key events which is often talked about in western (particularly American) histories of the Cold War is the rearmament of Germany. During the early 1950s as the Cold War was ramping up, the West German military was rebuilt following its dissolution at the end of WWII, which ultimately culminated with the country’s … Continue reading “NATO, Nukes, and Nazis: The Untold Story of West Germany’s Entry Into the Cold War”

How the Media Brainwashes You

With the recent withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan, a disheartening push has been made by the mainstream media to criticize and oppose it. Many mainstream media outlets, which at the beginning of 2021, were speaking negatively about George W. Bush and his hasty rush to war in Iraq and Afghanistan after 9/11, are now … Continue reading “How the Media Brainwashes You”