Get Out of That Quagmire in Afghanistan

A lot happened in and about Afghanistan on August 15. The BBC reported that 48 people were killed in Kabul and that there has been "a recent upsurge in militant violence, including a major Taliban assault on the eastern city of Ghazni [where] at least 100 members of the security forces were killed." Then Stars … Continue reading “Get Out of That Quagmire in Afghanistan”

NATO Is a Goldmine for the US/Military Industrial Complex

Countries of the NATO military alliance have been ordered by President Trump to increase their spending on weapons, and the reasons for his insistence they do so are becoming clearer. It’s got nothing to do with any defense rationale, because the Secretary General of NATO, Jens Stoltenberg, has admitted that “we don’t see any imminent … Continue reading “NATO Is a Goldmine for the US/Military Industrial Complex”

‘There Are No Innocent People in the Gaza Strip’

"A Palestinian journalist shot Friday during clashes between Palestinian protesters and Israeli forces at the Gaza-Israel border died of his wounds later Friday night. The journalist, Yaser Murtaja, can be seen in photos soon after he was shot, wearing a protective jacket labeled PRESS. Four other journalists were injured by live fire during the demonstrations, one … Continue reading “‘There Are No Innocent People in the Gaza Strip’”

Intensified Bombing for Victory in Afghanistan

The TV series, The Vietnam War, is absolutely riveting. The ten discs in the DVD set provide over 17 hours of viewing, and there is hardly a moment wasted. It is evenhanded to the most admirable degree, and presents the points of view of war-supporters in the US and Vietnam as well as doubters, protesters … Continue reading “Intensified Bombing for Victory in Afghanistan”

Compete, Deter, and Win With Big Guns and Better Chow in the Baltic States

The censored version of the 2018 US National Defense Strategy has a motto – and, absurdly, a bumper sticker – proclaiming that the United States must "Compete, Deter, and Win" which is an aggressive declaration of uncompromising military confrontation. As observed by the Brookings Institution, the Strategy "unveiled a global operating model to help centrally … Continue reading “Compete, Deter, and Win With Big Guns and Better Chow in the Baltic States”

Now Trump Menaces Pakistan

International fame, at last! Pakistan hit international headlines because it was the subject of Donald Trump’s first tweet of 2018. The country will have a small but everlasting place in history. Trump is the man who immediately after being elected US President telephoned the then prime minister of Pakistan, Nawaz Sharif, to say Pakistan is … Continue reading “Now Trump Menaces Pakistan”

Losing the War in the Colony of Afghanistan

The latest news about Afghanistan varies from the profoundly dismal to the fatuously absurd. One depressing story is the UN Office of Drugs and Crime report of November 15 that opium production for manufacture of heroin jumped to 9,000 metric tons so far in 2017, up 87 percent from 4,800 metric tons last year.  It … Continue reading “Losing the War in the Colony of Afghanistan”

Sanctions Rebound To Hit Europeans

The Financial Times commented on August 10 that in reaction to the chaos in Ukraine, “Western policy has become a mere knee-jerk escalation of sanctions”, and for once the FT has got it right about foreign affairs. The US and its disciples in Europe and Australia have imposed sanctions on Russia for its alleged interference … Continue reading “Sanctions Rebound To Hit Europeans”

Hands Off Pakistan

There has been an increase in violence in Afghanistan, and some foreign commentators have blamed Pakistan for supporting those responsible. It has been said that Afghan insurgents receive sanctuary in Pakistan, which is true, and that this state of affairs can be rectified by more effective policing of the Afghanistan-Pakistan border, which is nonsense. It … Continue reading “Hands Off Pakistan”