The Politics of ‘Creative Destruction’

International Herald Tribune columnist William Pfaff recently reported that the Bush administration’s new Bureau of Reconstruction and Stabilization, a State Department subgroup, has been tasked to prepare for a frighteningly expansive future of warfare. “The bureau has 25 countries under surveillance as possible candidates for Defense Department deconstruction and State Department reconstruction,” writes Pfaff. “The … Continue reading “The Politics of ‘Creative Destruction’”

‘War of the Worlds’

With a record 57 percent of Americans now believing that the Bush administration deliberately misled the U.S. into a war with Iraq, and a plurality of Americans believing Bush is more responsible for starting the war than Saddam Hussein, the president took to the airwaves on Tuesday in a prime time television bid to stem … Continue reading “‘War of the Worlds’”

Neocons and the Cult of State

In a recent column documenting the alleged hopelessness of dragging the Democratic Party back into alignment with mainstream America, George Will unwittingly put his finger on what is soon likely to ail the GOP as well: the impossibility of reconciling its underlying agenda with the values of the American people. Will’s column draws much inspiration … Continue reading “Neocons and the Cult of State”

Mainline Protestants Challenge Israel Lobby

The Presbyterian Church recently came under fire for its decision to employ a human rights tactic on behalf of Palestinians that it once used to encourage racial reform in apartheid South Africa: the process of divestment – in this case, from companies that profit from Israel’s brutal occupation of Palestinian territories. The divestment process was … Continue reading “Mainline Protestants Challenge Israel Lobby”