The United States of Boeing

The U.S. has, slowly, since the beginning of the twentieth century, become a giant weapons factory. A partnership between massive private firms and government exists, all funded by the U.S. taxpayer. One of the largest such firms is Boeing. Boeing’s history mirrors that of the U.S. at large. Begun as a manufacturer of civilian aircraft, … Continue reading “The United States of Boeing”

American Shame in Rafah

The current Israeli campaign in Rafah, which has already killed at least 40 people, and which the U.N. Security Council has condemned in a 14-0 vote (with the United States abstaining), is merely the continuation of a decades-long program of ethnic cleansing that Israel has conducted in the region. A new report released by Amnesty … Continue reading “American Shame in Rafah”

To the Garbage Cleaners Go the Spoils

In 1991, the U.S. imposed an arms embargo on Haiti, which included the police force. Now the Haitian police chief is reasonably concerned that the police will not be able to control the extremely turbulent situation in that country without adequate weaponry. And in the meantime, what the hell is the U.S.-led coalition force doing? … Continue reading “To the Garbage Cleaners Go the Spoils”