New START: Arms Affirmation Treaty

The New START treaty should at best be called an “arms affirmation treaty,” confirming that expensive weapons systems, which include the nation’s nuclear arsenal, remain a national priority. Like the earlier Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty, New START insulates nuclear weapons spending, as well as large budgets for other weapons systems. Thus far, the ratification debate … Continue reading “New START: Arms Affirmation Treaty”

New START’s Big Winners: US Nuke Complex, Pentagon, and Contractors

The passage of New START in a 14-4 vote out of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee is already being hailed by Democrats and arms-control NGOs as a substantial victory. A floor vote for ratification is now apparently set to occur after the elections. While ratification is by no means guaranteed, there are several clear winners … Continue reading “New START’s Big Winners: US Nuke Complex, Pentagon, and Contractors”