Opening the A. Q. Khan Can of Worms

KARACHI – The release of Pakistani rogue nuclear scientist, Abdul Qadeer Khan, underlines major issues confronting Pakistan – and indeed the world – ranging from nuclear proliferation to governance, corruption, hypocrisy, and how public opinion is shaped by falsehoods. Generally referred to, even by the international media, as "the father of Pakistan’s nuclear bomb," A.Q. … Continue reading “Opening the A. Q. Khan Can of Worms”

Empathy, Grief in Pakistan at Mumbai Mayhem

KARACHI – The terrorist attacks unleashed in the Indian port city and financial hub of Mumbai continue to reverberate through Pakistan at a personal level and on the media. The crisis, that began Wednesday night and lasted through Friday, dominates conversation, newspaper headlines, television coverage and Internet chatter on indigenous websites and e-mail lists run … Continue reading “Empathy, Grief in Pakistan at Mumbai Mayhem”