Silence on the Israeli Left

TEL AVIV – Even though atrocities committed by Israeli soldiers have surfaced and the appointment of a right-wing government diminishes the chances for peace in the Middle East, no left-wing Israeli is taking to the streets. During the war in Gaza, modest peace manifestations brought together a few thousand protesters at a time. After the … Continue reading “Silence on the Israeli Left”

‘Israelis Prepared for Violations’ in Gaza

TEL AVIV – After the internal investigation into the misconduct of Israeli soldiers in the course of the Gaza assault was closed suspiciously fast, a brief overview of publications by army officials, published months before the start of the war, suggests the reported misconduct was policy and not coincidence. The Military Police investigation into the … Continue reading “‘Israelis Prepared for Violations’ in Gaza”

Arabs Uneasy About Joining Israeli Army

TEL AVIV – The Israeli government has begun to actively promote voluntary army service for Israeli Arabs. The Knesset, the Israeli parliament, is meanwhile considering plans to make civil service compulsory for all Israeli citizens, including Israeli Arabs. The Arab community in Israel is opposing the plans, and leaders say these are only a way … Continue reading “Arabs Uneasy About Joining Israeli Army”