Kosovo European West Bank? Hardly!

Consider two bits of news for April 23, 2004: First, we learn that the White House has issued on this Friday a stern warning to Israel’s Prime Minister Ariel Sharon that he must abide by a past promise not to harm Palestinian President Yasser Arafat after Sharon said he was no longer bound by the … Continue reading “Kosovo European West Bank? Hardly!”

Iraq Is No Vietnam, But It May Be Poland

A nascent empire falls in love with its “liberating” political and economic state system and decides it is time to export its domestic model to other countries by means of war, of course. Liberation to all is the ultimate goal. No, it is not early 21st century, the leader is not George W. Bush, the … Continue reading “Iraq Is No Vietnam, But It May Be Poland”

Close Presidential Race: Cause for Revolution?

Watching last night the incredibly tight race for the White House inevitably lead me to recall another close presidential race: the one that took place in Yugoslavia just over a month ago. The outcome of that election and events that ensued in Belgrade are generally described as a “Democratic Revolution.” It was a “revolution,” albeit … Continue reading “Close Presidential Race: Cause for Revolution?”

Kostunica’s “Nationalism”

What is wrong with Serbian nationalism? No one will tell you exactly, but that there is something seriously wrong is taken for granted. It is such an affront to human decency that just mentioning it suffices to justify the most savage bombing since Dresden or a decade of severe economic sanctions by the “international community.” … Continue reading “Kostunica’s “Nationalism””

Word Games and the Lexicon of Denial

In sharp contrast to last spring when we were being literally barraged with anecdotal accounts of alleged atrocities in Kosovo, supposedly committed by Serbian troops against ethnic Albanians, the media are largely silent this summer. The media chose, for the most part, not to report on the most recent wave of KLA atrocities against the … Continue reading “Word Games and the Lexicon of Denial”