Ukraine and Twenty-First Century Coups

When instability is stirred up in the streets by a minority group too small to change a government in the polls but big enough to look like a massive social democratic movement in the street, it can lead to one of at least three kinds of coups. In the first type, the domestic military intervenes … Continue reading “Ukraine and Twenty-First Century Coups”

Try and Try Again: Obama’s Silent Coups

Last night, as I watched the television news, there were consecutive stories on massive street protests in Ukraine and Venezuela. They were all presented as democratic protests against undemocratic and unresponsive governments. Not one of the stories mentioned the not unimportant detail that, in each case, the violent street protests were targeting governments democratically elected … Continue reading “Try and Try Again: Obama’s Silent Coups”

Switching Sides in Syria? Unbelievable, but Not Unprecedented

The perfectly timed release of photographic evidence of torture and killing on the part of the Syrian government on the very eve of the Geneva II peace talks may or may not be authentic. There have been atrocities on both sides, and these pictures could be evidence of government atrocities. But one cannot forget the … Continue reading “Switching Sides in Syria? Unbelievable, but Not Unprecedented”

Their Hardliners Are Right; Our Hardliners Are Wrong

As the pendulum swings wildly between unexpected rapid success and unexpected rapid falling apart at the P5+1 nuclear negotiations in Geneva, media reports continue, in virtually every article, to remind us of the fragility of diplomatic efforts due to "hardliners" both in America and in Iran. But, to imply an equality between the two groups … Continue reading “Their Hardliners Are Right; Our Hardliners Are Wrong”

Don’t Take Your Eye Off Regime Change

Recent revelations about Iraq have exposed a pattern that may be just as revelatory about Syria. When the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons recently won the Nobel Peace prize, its former director general, José Bustani, decided to finally discuss the circumstances behind his firing eleven years ago. Bustani says that the Bush administration … Continue reading “Don’t Take Your Eye Off Regime Change”

Is Iran Just Fooling Us?

Are we just being fooled by Iran? Are we being seduced by a Persian snake charmer only to later be stung by his nuclear bite? According to Israel we are. Israel’s Minister of Intelligence, International Relations and Strategic Affairs, Yuval Steinitz says that newly elected Iranian President Hassan Rouhani "has launched a charm offensive on … Continue reading “Is Iran Just Fooling Us?”

Iran, Egypt, and America

When Hassan Rouhani recently announced at his first press conference as the new President of Iran that he is ready to enter "serious and substantive" negotiations with the United States "if the United States shows goodwill and mutual respect", the statement was heralded by the Western media as a hopeful new beginning for Iranian nuclear … Continue reading “Iran, Egypt, and America”

Obama’s Silent Coups

America has always had two ways of stopping the undesirable course of enemy countries and switching their track: the overt and the covert. Overt means the Pentagon and covert means the C.I.A. Much has been written about the muting of Obama’s overt actions through the sending of drones in the air instead of boots on … Continue reading “Obama’s Silent Coups”