The Assassination of Haiti’s President

Jovenal Moïse, the president of Haiti, was assassinated by what appears to be men who were well armed with heavy-caliber weapons in his home on Wednesday. It is not yet clear who the men are. Interim Prime Minister Claude Joseph says that the men spoke English or Spanish but provided no further details. The Miami … Continue reading “The Assassination of Haiti’s President”

Joe Biden and Latin American Question Marks

The Trump years were not good years for Latin America. There were coups in Brazil, Bolivia and Venezuela. There were some signs that things may change under the Biden administration. But recent moves have pointed those signs back in the old direction. Ecuador After early indications from an unsettled and still confused new administration that … Continue reading “Joe Biden and Latin American Question Marks”

Gaza: Gearing Up for the Next War

"There will be no way to avoid one day temporarily taking over Gaza," Yuval Steinitz, Netanyahu’s energy minister said just days before the latest ceasefire. "That day has not arrived for all kinds of reasons. I think the day will come, if not now than in the coming years." Though the next war on Gaza … Continue reading “Gaza: Gearing Up for the Next War”

Israel’s War of Provocation

On September 28, 2000, Ariel Sharon led a group of Likud politicians, surrounded by a thousand armed police, up the Temple Mount, home of the Al-Aqsa Mosque: an unprecedented provocation at one of Islam’s holiest sites. The next day, as thousands of Palestinians protested, Israeli police opened fire on the protesters, and, the day after … Continue reading “Israel’s War of Provocation”

A War of Choice, a War of Permission

Reprinted with permission from MondoWeiss. After 243 Palestinian deaths, more than 1,900 Palestinians wounded, 16,800 Palestinian homes destroyed, tens of thousands of Palestinians displaced from their homes and a refused Egyptian proposal of a ceasefire, Israel has accepted an Egyptian ceasefire. But it never had to happen. On April 6, 2021, the United States returned … Continue reading “A War of Choice, a War of Permission”

US Foreign Policy: Some Things Change, Some Things Don’t

After a slow start in Iran, the Biden administration was somehow convinced to alter course on the nuclear negotiations and become serious. Though both sides still accuse the other of being unrealistic on sanction relief, both sides now believe the other is committed to resuscitating the JCPOA nuclear agreement. Iran’s top negotiator, Abbas Araqchi, recently … Continue reading “US Foreign Policy: Some Things Change, Some Things Don’t”

Ecuador’s Stolen Election

Rafeal Correa served as president of Ecuador from 2007-2017, bringing in the socialist Citizen’s Revolution for the people of Ecuador. In 2017, Correa’s vice president, Lenín Moreno, was elected president. The people elected him on the promise that he would continue his predecessor’s policies. However, with US backing, Moreno underwent a sudden conversion to the … Continue reading “Ecuador’s Stolen Election”

Coups in Venezuela: The Long Legacy Continues

The President of Venezuela was removed from power with U.S. assistance due to his left leaning politics, his clashes with conservatives and his objections to American power and influence in Latin America. The coup leaders consulted with the United States for some time in preparation for the coup. When the leader of the coup declared … Continue reading “Coups in Venezuela: The Long Legacy Continues”

Is Israel Sabotaging Itself?

Israel keeps attacking and sabotaging Iran; Iran keeps showing restraint. Israel is running out of patience to stop the JCPOA, the Iran nuclear deal; Iran keeps showing patience. In the summer of 2020, Israel sabotaged Iran’s Natanz civilian nuclear enrichment facility. They have bombed Iran’s allies in Lebanon, and they have bombed their allies in … Continue reading “Is Israel Sabotaging Itself?”

When Israel Leaves its Calling Card

On March 4, 2021, Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz very publicly told Fox News that the "Israeli military is updating plans to strike Iranian nuclear sites and is prepared to act independently." He added that "If the world stops them before, it’s very much good. But if not, we must stand independently and we must … Continue reading “When Israel Leaves its Calling Card”