Libertarian Apologists for Ukraine’s Authoritarianism

It should not come as a surprise that U.S. officials and members of the foreign policy establishment have falsely portrayed Ukraine as a noble democracy. Such deceptions in pursuit of assorted US foreign policy objectives around the globe are nothing new. Throughout the Cold War, Washington routinely contended that "friendly" dictatorships were members of the … Continue reading “Libertarian Apologists for Ukraine’s Authoritarianism”

Is NATO Crowding the Russian Bear Into a Nuclear Corner?

Western officials who salivate over the prospect of inflicting a decisive, humiliating defeat on Russia in its war with Ukraine remain oblivious to the dangers entailed in that scenario. As I pointed out early in the conflict, Russian leaders consider Ukraine to be the most vital of vital national security interests and they are likely … Continue reading “Is NATO Crowding the Russian Bear Into a Nuclear Corner?”

Bogus Foreign Policy Narratives Go Unchallenged

One maddening feature of foreign policy debates in the United States is how frequently journalists and policy experts fail to challenge dominant narratives even when those narratives have glaring defects. Such malfeasance has facilitated a growing list of Washington’s policy blunders and outright debacles. Yet the tendency to accept the U.S. government’s version of the … Continue reading “Bogus Foreign Policy Narratives Go Unchallenged”

The Zombie Domino Theory Returns

An especially damaging development in the history of U.S. foreign policy was President Dwight D. Eisenhower’s promulgation of the domino theory. Adoption of its assumptions led directly to America’s disastrous military intervention in Vietnam. Although the simplistic doctrine was widely ridiculed after the Vietnam debacle, it has continued to have its adherents. Worse, the domino … Continue reading “The Zombie Domino Theory Returns”

Washington’s Egregious Deceptions About the Russia-Ukraine War

All governments produce deceptive propaganda about aspects of their foreign policy. However, Joe Biden’s administration seems intent on setting some kind of record for both the number of falsehoods and their brazenness. Three of them stand out with respect to the latter feature. Falsehood: The world is united in opposing Russia and supporting Ukraine. This … Continue reading “Washington’s Egregious Deceptions About the Russia-Ukraine War”

A Bad Idea Resurfaces: Using the US Military Against Mexico’s Drug Cartels

There has been a recent flurry of proposals to have the U.S. military launch a full-scale war against Mexican drug cartels – primarily to stem the alleged fentanyl crisis. Former Attorney General William P. Barr initiated the latest campaign with an op-ed in the March 2, 2023, Wall Street Journal. "America can no longer tolerate … Continue reading “A Bad Idea Resurfaces: Using the US Military Against Mexico’s Drug Cartels”

Economic Sanctions Are Simultaneously Ineffective and Cruel

Joe Biden’s administration keeps boasting about how successful international sanctions have been in punishing Russia for invading Ukraine. But that boast is increasingly hollow, both with respect to the extent of international unity and the success of the sanctions. Instead of being a success story, the U.S.-led sanctions campaign against Russia is fast becoming another … Continue reading “Economic Sanctions Are Simultaneously Ineffective and Cruel”

Western News Media Downplay Ukraine War Crimes

In late March, the United Nations issued a new report on war crimes being committed by both Russian and Ukrainian forces. The document provides a shocking litany of brutal behavior on the part of both militaries, although the investigators concluded that Russian units have committed the majority of offenses. Given the extent of Western pressure … Continue reading “Western News Media Downplay Ukraine War Crimes”

Is Weakening Support for Ukraine War Following a Historical Pattern?

Reprinted with permission from the Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft Recent public opinion surveys regarding the extent of domestic backing for Washington’s Ukraine policy provide a decidedly mixed picture. A majority of Americans still support the Biden administration’s efforts to assist Kyiv’s war effort through financial and military aid and the sharing of military intelligence … Continue reading “Is Weakening Support for Ukraine War Following a Historical Pattern?”

Volodymyr Zelensky Is Washington’s New Jonas Savimbi

Most advocates of aiding Ukraine in its fight against Russia do not merely contend that the move is justified to repel an act of aggression that threatens to legitimize wars of conquest. Instead, they portray Ukraine as a freedom-loving democracy and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky as a heroic democratic champion, who deserves even more U.S. … Continue reading “Volodymyr Zelensky Is Washington’s New Jonas Savimbi”