Netanyahu, Putin, and Trump – Jockeying for Power in Syria

Russian bombs rained down on towns of southern Syria as an estimated 320,000 civilians fled for their lives. Over the past several weeks tens of thousands walked to the Jordanian and Israeli borders hoping to escape the onslaught. Rula Amin, a spokesperson for the UN refugee agency UNHCR, based in Jordan, told me the displaced … Continue reading “Netanyahu, Putin, and Trump – Jockeying for Power in Syria”

A Deal With North Korea: Don’t Blow It This Time

Police wearing Darth Vader helmets and carrying shotguns mounted with tear gas launchers lined up ready for battle. Fifty yards away, tens of thousands students and workers placed iron bars and Molotov cocktails on the street preparing for battle. At the appointed hour both sides charged, with police clubbing and firing tear gas barrages. It … Continue reading “A Deal With North Korea: Don’t Blow It This Time”

Why Young People Are Protesting in Gaza

On my most recent reporting trip to Gaza, I stayed with a family living just a short walk from the Israeli border. At dusk we watched a beautiful sunset over the Mediterranean and could forget the ongoing conflict for just a few minutes. Living conditions for the family have gotten much worse since my visit. … Continue reading “Why Young People Are Protesting in Gaza”

What Will Iran Do Now?

President Donald Trump announced that the US is pulling out of the Iran nuclear accord – and Iranians are really pissed. Thousands of Iranians demonstrated in Tehran chanting “Death to America.” Thousands more attended Friday prayers in Tehran to hear hardline leaders denounce Trump’s actions. Ayatollah Ahmad Khatami, an influential Friday prayer leader in Tehran, … Continue reading “What Will Iran Do Now?”

Natalie Portman Boycotts Israeli Prize; Right Wing Goes Ballistic

Actress Natalie Portman, a strong supporter of Israel, has come under vicious attack for criticizing that country’s leadership. She now joins the club of scholars, journalists, and political leaders who are vilified by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu or his right-wing cohorts. Portman was born in Jerusalem, and although her family left Israel when she was … Continue reading “Natalie Portman Boycotts Israeli Prize; Right Wing Goes Ballistic”

The Truth Behind the Bombardment of Syria

In 1998, al Qaeda killed 224 people when it attacked U.S. embassies in east Africa. In retaliation, President Bill Clinton ordered a missile strike against what he described as an al Qaeda nerve gas factory in Sudan. For years, he insisted that the attack had dealt a tough blow against terrorists. Turns out the chemical … Continue reading “The Truth Behind the Bombardment of Syria”

Inside the US War in Yemen

One of the most important US Senate votes in decades took place recently, and few people know it happened. On March 20, Senators voted on whether to stop US support for Saudi Arabia’s vicious war in Yemen by invoking the War Powers Act. More than 5,000 Yemenis have died and tens of thousands have been … Continue reading “Inside the US War in Yemen”

The Russians Aren’t the Only Election Hackers

Welcome to the latest Washington crisis. The American people are supposed to be petrified at the threat posed by Russian spies who hack our emails, buy ads on Facebook and impersonate Americans in chat rooms. The evil Ruskies have the audacity to use phony websites to divide us over issues of racism and immigration – … Continue reading “The Russians Aren’t the Only Election Hackers”

The US Is Permanently Occupying Northern Syria, and That’s Trouble

When President Barack Obama started bombing Syria in 2014, he enjoyed bipartisan support in Washington, D.C. Americans were appalled by the atrocities of the Islamic State, which had massacred Yazidis, and seized swaths of territory in Syria and Iraq. At the time I warned that, far from being a humanitarian intervention, this action threatened to … Continue reading “The US Is Permanently Occupying Northern Syria, and That’s Trouble”

Cuba’s ‘Sonic Attack’ on Diplomats Is Pure Science Fiction

The mainstream media stories were straight out of a science fiction movie. Somebody in Cuba was aiming a super sophisticated “sonic weapon” at US diplomats here in Havana, causing them to experience hearing loss, dizziness, nausea, severe headaches and even brain damage similar to a concussion. From December 2016 through February 2017, according to the … Continue reading “Cuba’s ‘Sonic Attack’ on Diplomats Is Pure Science Fiction”