Enough of the Ukrainian Clown Show!

If the truth be told, we are getting sick and tired of the little piss-ant who runs the cease-pool of corruption, tyranny, delusion and death called Ukraine. This clown – and that’s what he is actually trained as – just can’t seem to stop stridently demanding money, arms and support from the rest of the … Continue reading “Enough of the Ukrainian Clown Show!”

How the Bipartisan War Party Fostered Fiscal Ruin

When big spending Barrack Obama left the White House the national security budget properly measured totaled a staggering $822 billion. That included $600 billion for defense, $46 billion for security assistance and international operations and $177 billion for veterans compensation and services, which reflects the deferred cost of prior wars. So much for the "peace … Continue reading “How the Bipartisan War Party Fostered Fiscal Ruin”

Why RFK’s Candidacy Matters to the Conservative Cause

Self-evidently, there are any number of things about RFK’s policy platform that we don’t cotton to very much, and haven’t for decades. Back in the day we were always on opposite sides with respect to aggressive environmental regulation. And, as far as we can tell, he seems to be a pretty conventional liberal on the … Continue reading “Why RFK’s Candidacy Matters to the Conservative Cause”

Nine More Ukraines

Joe Biden must think that he’s the world’s Rich Uncle. In a meeting with the so-called Bucharest Nine today he promised these former Warsaw Pact nations – which should never have been admitted to NATO in the first place – unlimited economic and military support. Nine more Ukraines if need be. Biden conveyed reassurances that … Continue reading “Nine More Ukraines”

Biden Goes All in on Proxy War Against Russia

No, Joe, that’s not Hunter you’re sniffing. But Zelensky is a pretty good substitute – every bit as corrupt, drugged-up and delusional as the First Son. So hug away. You have already proven (repeatedly) that there is no betrayal of America’s true homeland security you will not eagerly embrace. And, yes, unlike the manifold images … Continue reading “Biden Goes All in on Proxy War Against Russia”

Inflation Up, Balloons Down, More War

Well, at least we are starting to get some clarity. America is not being attacked by aliens and probably not by the Red Chinese, either. However, it is definitely being bombarded by inflation, war fever and, apparently, the Northern Illinois Bottlecap Balloon Brigade (NIBBB). Let us unpack. Last week’s media frenzy about intruders in the … Continue reading “Inflation Up, Balloons Down, More War”

The GOP’s Impending Great Betrayal

Don’t expect much from the thin new GOP majority in the U.S. House – at least anything that will materially turn the ship of state from its headlong dash toward fiscal disaster. That because on the big issues that really count, the beltway lifers who dominate the GOP’s senior ranks and committee/subcommittee chairmanships are on … Continue reading “The GOP’s Impending Great Betrayal”

Ukraine Was Not Built To Last

The present disaster in Ukraine incepted in the Washington-sponsored Maidan coup of February 2014. Among other things it was a "revenge intervention" designed to punish Russia for being so bold as to thwart the neocon regime change adventure in Syria; and especially to haze Putin for persuading Assad to give up his chemical weapons, thereby … Continue reading “Ukraine Was Not Built To Last”

The First Gulf War – A Catastrophic Error

Confronted with the greatest opportunity for global peace in nearly a century, George H. W. Bush did not hesitate:  Upon the advice of his retainers, he immediately elected the path of war in the Persian Gulf. This endeavor was hatched by Henry Kissinger’s economically illiterate protégés at the National Security Council and Bush’s Texas oilman … Continue reading “The First Gulf War – A Catastrophic Error”

Why the War Party Needed To Demonize Iran

When the 77-Years War ended in 1991, the Shiite theocracy ensconced in Tehran was an unfortunate albatross on the Persian people. But it was no threat to America’s homeland safety and security, either. The very idea that Tehran is an expansionist power bent on exporting terrorism to the rest of the world is a giant … Continue reading “Why the War Party Needed To Demonize Iran”