More Bombs For Baghdad; 310 Killed in Iraq

Peshmerga forces are strengthening their defenses in the Kirkuk region but deny that the new trenches and walls are to mark an independent Kurdistan’s future borders.

At least 310 were killed and 88 were wounded:

Airstrikes on Mosul left 36 civilians dead. Two women were executed. Militants executed 45 deserters by stuffing them in a freezer unit.

Nine people were killed and 28 were wounded by a car bomb in Husseiniya; several of the victims may have been soldiers.

Roadside bombs targeting a military convoy near Ramadi killed eight security members and wounded 14 more.

An airstrike on Faisaliya left six students dead and eight others wounded.

A suicide bomber killed four soldiers and wounded 15 more in Garma. At least 150 militants were killed in greater Garma, including the areas of Albu Ouda, Albu Jassim and Subaihat.

In Baghdad, a car bomb killed three people and wounded 11 more in Arab Jabour. Two people were wounded by a blast in Abu Dsheer.

In Doulab, clashes left two soldiers dead and six wounded; among the wounded is an army commander. An airstrike killed 11 militants.

A militiaman was shot dead in Barwana.

Shelling left 15 militants dead in Dibs.

A dozen militants were killed in a strike on Falahat.

An airstrike on Rutba left five militants dead, including a commander, and three wounded.

Dozens of militants were killed in Hit.

Author: Margaret Griffis

Margaret Griffis is a journalist from Miami Beach, Florida and has been covering Iraqi casualties for since 2006.