Iraq Clashes Drive Tally To 71 Killed, 48 Wounded

About 71 people were killed and 48 more were wounded today. Anbar province had the most deaths.


Clashes in Garma left three Sahwa members dead, while one gunman was also killed and another was wounded.

Two policemen were killed in a clash in Ramadi. A suicide attack and subsequent car bomb left an unknown number of casualties. Security forces killed two militants.

Shelling killed six people and wounded nine more. in Falluja. Security forces killed six militants and wounded two more.

A clash in Hamdaniya killed three policemen and three militants. Three more policemen were wounded.

At least 14 more militants were killed and three more were wounded in scattered fighting.


Clashes south of Baghdad left 15 militants dead in Latifiya, Jurf al-Sakhar and Yusufiya. At least three of them were leaders.

In Baghdad, security forces killed two gunmen who were planting a bomb on a highway. A bomb at a market, possibly in Husseiniya, left two dead and eight wounded.

Mortars and fighting killed two people and wounded 17 more at a base in Mussayab.

A roadside bomb in Samarra killed an officer and a soldier. A Sahwa member was shot to death.

A suicide bomber at a home in Baiji killed an army captain and his son.

Two Sahwa members were shot dead in Tikrit.

In Rashad, a bomb killed a soldier and wounded two more.

A bomb wounded three soldiers in Balad.

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Author: Margaret Griffis

Margaret Griffis is a journalist from Miami Beach, Florida and has been covering Iraqi casualties for since 2006.