Iraq Pipeline, Shrine Bombed As 16 Are Killed in Other Attacks

by , August 21, 2013

Although no major bombings took place, the usual background violence took at least 16 lives. At least 36 were also wounded. In northern Iraq a shrine and a pipeline were bombed in separate attacks, but no causalities were reported.

In Mosul, two Peshmerga were killed and two more were wounded when roadside bomb exploded. Another bomb killed a civilian and wounded two others. Four bodyguards were wounded in a bomb attack against Nineva’s police chief. A counter-terrorism officer was gunned down. Gunmen wounded a policeman protecting electrical works.

A Sahwa leader and two bodyguards were killed in an attack on his home in Madaen.

A bomb in Badush killed two soldiers and wounded four civilians.

In Tikrit, two policemen were killed and an officer was wounded in a roadside bombing. A roadside bomb wounded two civilians. A bomb killed a chauffer and wounded a police officer.

A bomb planted in a car killed an army captain in Baghdad.

An attack on a Sahwa’s home in Abu Ghraib left two dead, his son and a cousin.

A policeman was killed in Falluja during a drive-by shooting.

In Tuz, a bomb at a school left nine wounded. Insurgents blew up a shrine , but no casualties were reported.

An old landmine wounded three teenage shepherds near Nasariya.

Three policemen were wounded in a bomb blast in Hawija.

A blast wounded three people, including a civilian in Muqdadiya.

A sticky bomb wounded a civilian in Arbil.

A pipeline in northern Iraq was bombed.

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