Missile False Alarm in Hawaii: How Wrong Buttons Can Wreak Havoc

On Saturday at 8:05 am, residents of Hawaii were terrified by a text message that said a missile was heading their way, and they should “seek shelter immediately.” Helpfully, the message also said, “this is not a drill.” And it wasn’t – it was merely a stomach-clenching error. Ten minutes after it was sent, it … Continue reading “Missile False Alarm in Hawaii: How Wrong Buttons Can Wreak Havoc”

Flirting With War in North Korea

The most surprising part about Donald Trump’s Wednesday speech, directed at the North Korean regime via Tokyo, is that more people of a certain type weren’t gushing over it. After all, if sending cruise missiles at Syria makes a man presidential, condemning North Korea accurately as “a hell that no person deserves” and sounding vaguely … Continue reading “Flirting With War in North Korea”

Moral Superiority Among Neocons and Nazis

We’re finally in agreement – there were Nazis marching in Charlottesville last weekend. Enough with the alt- right euphemisms. Nazis were marching with Nazi symbols and Nazi chants. It’s not a stretch to dub them as what they are. President Trump, utterly unable to schmooze like a normal politician, did a dreadful job in condemning … Continue reading “Moral Superiority Among Neocons and Nazis”

It Doesn’t Matter Who Controls the Military

There are more than 8,000 troops still fighting in America’s longest war. According to Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis, we need about 3,000 more. The idea that 3,000 troops will change a decade and a half long stalemate seems dubious, but that’s the number Mattis suggests. Others in the administration are reportedly arguing that that … Continue reading “It Doesn’t Matter Who Controls the Military”

Corbyn and Kelly: Two Very Different Responses to Terrorism

While he was a guest on Fox News’ Fox and Friends, Department of Homeland Security Chief John Kelly described the current safety of US citizens: "if [you] knew what I knew about terrorism, [you’d] never leave the house in the morning." Anywhere, any time, a terrorist attack can happen, according to Kelly. His very job … Continue reading “Corbyn and Kelly: Two Very Different Responses to Terrorism”

Justice for No One Except Jeff Sessions

Donald Trump is “America” in the most pejorative sense. "Make America Great Again" is a bitter, depressed motto that worked beautifully as the perfect slogan for a country that pushes other nations around, then plays innocent when the result is anger or even violence. Somewhere like Iran couldn’t possibly have a legitimate distrust of the … Continue reading “Justice for No One Except Jeff Sessions”

Yemen, Syria, the Press, and Trump the War President

How can you tell that Donald Trump is just another war president? Because in spite of the administrative chaos, the executive branch with its ever-shifting staff, and the half-conspiracies that surround him, the meat of the matter is the question, which near-war should the public pay attention to? The recent gas attack on civilians in … Continue reading “Yemen, Syria, the Press, and Trump the War President”

Is Trump Another Obama on Foreign Policy?

United States foreign policy involves miserable choices. Were George W. Bush’s two boots on the ground wars worse than Barack Obama’s dabbling in six different countries with war robots, and his precedent-setting assassinations of American citizens? Was FDR worse than Harry Truman for pure body-count, even though the latter is responsible for the only use(s) … Continue reading “Is Trump Another Obama on Foreign Policy?”

Trump Is the Enemy of Neocons, But He’s Not Our Friend

The enemy of my enemy is my friend is a Cold War-like mentality that the United States has operated under for decades and decades. Perhaps it’s natural, human, tribalism to do this. Or at the very least, it’s coldly pragmatic. If your enemy is the Godless Soviet Union, then your friend are the Muslim "freedom … Continue reading “Trump Is the Enemy of Neocons, But He’s Not Our Friend”

Believing That War Has Consequences

A February NBC news poll reveals some dramatic diversity within the minds of Donald Trump’s America. The topics covered are varied, and include Americans’ current feelings about Russia, and their worries over a future major war (56 percent are very or somewhat worried). One other question caught my eye, however, and that was a choice … Continue reading “Believing That War Has Consequences”