The Curtain Rises On Trump Theater

The pundits are up in arms over President Trump’s announcement that he intends to “recognize” Jerusalem as the capital of Israel – and on the eve of the supposed renewal of the Israeli-Palestinian “peace process.” What, they cry, can he be thinking?! Is he crazy? (Of course he is!) Are we to be spared nothing? … Continue reading “The Curtain Rises On Trump Theater”

From ‘Russia-Gate’ to ‘Israel-Gate’

Life is full of surprises. Like that time you were counting on a new bike for Christmas, and were totally certain your parents were going to come through, and then – lo and behold! – on Christmas morning there it was: a spanking brand-new Segway! The final evidence that, despite your best efforts, you’d always … Continue reading “From ‘Russia-Gate’ to ‘Israel-Gate’”

How Hillary Clinton Screwed Honduran Democracy

Hillary Clinton’s legacy at the State Department lives on – and it isn’t pretty. Take a gander at the spectacle of slave auctions in Libya – a nation “liberated” by NATO at Hillary’s instigation: remember “We came, we saw, he died”? Behold the blood-soaked ruins of Syria, where her regime-change plans caused the US to … Continue reading “How Hillary Clinton Screwed Honduran Democracy”

Who’s A ‘Foreign Agent’?

You know life’s become a joke when the US Department of Justice starts requiring foreign media to register as foreign agents. Will the BBC be forced to issue a disclaimer with every broadcast and web posting: “Proceed with caution – British propaganda ahead”? Don’t bet the ranch on it. Such distinctions are reserved for the … Continue reading “Who’s A ‘Foreign Agent’?”

Trump Betrays Trumpism: Syria in the Crosshairs

Editor’s Note: Justin Raimondo is recovering after hospitalization. He will be back here soon to do battle against the War Party. In the meantime, enjoy a classic column from April 7, 2017. President Donald Trump has launched an attack on a Syrian air base in retaliation for the alleged sarin gas attack supposedly carried out … Continue reading “Trump Betrays Trumpism: Syria in the Crosshairs”