Pollardites in the Pentagon?

In 1987, Jonathan Pollard, U.S. Navy intelligence analyst, was imprisoned for life for selling a roomful of U.S. secret documents to Israel. Tel Aviv refused to return them. At the Clinton-Netanyahu summit at Wye River, Pollard became a subject of contention. ”Bibi” Netanyahu wanted to fly the American traitor back to Israel where he is … Continue reading “Pollardites in the Pentagon?”

Neocons Seek Vindication in Escalation

"The United States of America will not permit the world’s most dangerous regimes to threaten us with the world’s most destructive weapons." This is the heart of the Bush Doctrine from the president’s "axis of evil" address to Congress. And the nations that constituted that axis were Iraq, Iran and North Korea. Under this doctrine, … Continue reading “Neocons Seek Vindication in Escalation”

The Committee on the Present Confusion

With full-page ads in The Washington Post, The New York Times and The Washington Times trumpeting its slide down the spillways, The Committee on the Present Danger has been relaunched. The 1970s committee of Republican hawks and neoconservatives denounced d├ętente and called for clarity, courage and perseverance in the Cold War against a Soviet empire … Continue reading “The Committee on the Present Confusion”