Saturday: 7 Iraqis Killed, 20 Wounded

Although violence was light today, the U.S. Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction, Stuart Bowen reported that Iraq has become more dangerous in the last 12 months. Coincidentally, U.S. forces were involved in a fatal shootout with civilians in northern Iraq early this morning. Overall, at least seven Iraqis were killed and 20 more were wounded across Iraq. Meanwhile, parliament approved a cabinet-reducing measure.

Wednesday: 44 Iraqis Killed, 61 Wounded

Updated at 11:01 p.m. EDT, Sept. 9, 2009 At least 44 Iraqis were killed and 61 more wounded in attacks, including a significant bombing in a Kurdish village. Meanwhile, two Saddam-era officials were acquitted of war crimes involving the deaths of two British soldiers during the U.S.-led invasion, even as yesterday’s U.S. servicemember deaths have left planners wondering about the feasibility of the U.S. drawdown. Also, Iraqi and Syrian diplomats met behind closed doors in Cairo but failed to resolve tensions over Syria allowing foreign fighters entry into Iraq.

Monday: 4 Iraqis Killed, 10 Wounded

Updated at 6:19 p.m. EDT, April, 26, 2009 Some Iraqi politicians are demanding that U.S. soldiers involved in a deadly raid yesterday be tried in Iraqi courts. Otherwise, the day remained rather quiet in Iraq. Only four Iraqis were reported killed and 10 more were wounded. Meanwhile, the Iraqi archbishop condemned yesterday’s attacks on Christians in Mosul as religious terrorism. Also, the Commission on Wartime Contracting uncovered alarming security problems involving Ugandan and other African troops at U.S. bases in Iraq.

Sunday: 17 Iraqis Killed, 8 Wounded

Updated at 7:58 p.m. EDT, Apr. 16, 2009 At least 17 Iraqis were killed and 8 were wounded in the latest violence. U.S. forces conducted a pair of raids in different parts of Iraq. One of the raids has the potential for blowing up politically as the Iraqi’s are calling it a violation of a security pact between the U.S. and Iraq. No Coalition deaths were reported.