Bull From the China Shop

As counterinsurgency (COIN) marches into the expanding ranks of failed U.S. military doctrines, the military-industrial-congressional complex casts about for a new raison d’être. Since manpower-centric, generational occupations of broken countries we can’t fix have finally fallen out of favor as our foreign policy tool of choice, the American warmongery is back to championing a high-price, … Continue reading “Bull From the China Shop”

Damn the Torpedoes, Fools’ Greed Ahead

I wonder whether Americans realize that they have a Vienna sausage military at filet mignon prices. The sorry performance in recent wars is just one example of the ongoing rot, but the whole enterprise has become unbalanced, aimed at fighting the kinds of enemies we don’t have instead of the ones we have recently chosen … Continue reading “Damn the Torpedoes, Fools’ Greed Ahead”

Wednesday: 7 Iraqis Killed, 49 Wounded

Two unidentified bodies found today in Baghdad frighteningly harkened back to the height of sectarian killings, but it was in Baquba and Ramadi where violence was focused today. At least seven Iraqis were killed and 49 more were wounded in a string of attacks across the country. Meanwhile, the court-martial of a Navy SEAL accused of not protecting a detainee has opened at a base outside Baghdad. Also, ballot recounting is now expected to begin next week.