Sues FBI After Secret Surveillance

WASHINGTON – is taking the FBI to court. The website’s founder and managing editor Eric Garris, along with longtime editorial director Justin Raimondo, filed a lawsuit in federal court today, demanding the release of records they believe the FBI is keeping on them and the 17-year-old online magazine. says this is one more … Continue reading “ Sues FBI After Secret Surveillance”

Government Forced to Release Docs on Spying Program

Last week’s release of 900 pages of U.S. government documents dealing with the implementation of the nation’s primary surveillance law suggests that the government has been systematically violating the privacy rights of U.S. citizens. How many citizens is unclear, since the documents were extensively redacted. The previously secret internal documents were obtained through a court … Continue reading “Government Forced to Release Docs on Spying Program”

ACLU Ad Challenges Military Commissions

Civil libertarians hit back hard Sunday at reports indicating that the Barack Obama administration is about to cave in to pressure from Congress and local groups in New York City and is not only considering transferring the cases of suspected terrorists to another federal court, but even moving them to the military commission system. The … Continue reading “ACLU Ad Challenges Military Commissions”