Bush Keeps Fueling the Fire

Listen to Scott’s interview with Eric Margolis stream download mp3 When Seymour Hersh last appeared on Comedy Central’s The Daily Show, he explained the administration’s foreign policy agenda to host Jon Stewart. After noting that this agenda was the work of the “neoconservatives, the Wolfowitzes, the people who work at the Pentagon, the civilians,” and … Continue reading “Bush Keeps Fueling the Fire”

Man, Technology and State

  Listen to Scott’s interview with Brian Doherty stream download mp3     It’s clear at this point in the history of our nation that the national government is not limited in any serious way by the restrictions placed upon it in the Constitution. The limited republic envisioned by the founders has given way to … Continue reading “Man, Technology and State”

Torturing Our Sovereignty

One issue raised in my Feb. 19 interview [stream] [download] of the coincidentally named Scott Horton, director of the International League of Human Rights, was that certain crimes, particularly war crimes, are subject to prosecution by any nation. That is, when the people of a criminal state refuse to hold the individuals in charge accountable … Continue reading “Torturing Our Sovereignty”