Intervention: A Problem of Means?

Panglossading through reality, the New York Times recently offered the sort of thoughtless sunny picture of the Obama administration’s security policy that lulls children to sleep but leaves adults restlessly wakeful. In a front-page story on December 1, "A Handpicked Team for a Foreign Policy Shift" by David Sanger, the Times reported that the new … Continue reading “Intervention: A Problem of Means?”

Al-Qaeda in Iraq:
Another Case of Failed Interventionism?

I have suggested in previous columns that the al-Qaeda model of 4GW may be failing for inherent reasons, i.e., for reasons it cannot fix. "Tom Ricks’s Inbox" in the Oct. 19 Washington Post offers some confirmation of that assessment. Ricks writes: "Where did al-Qaeda in Iraq go wrong? In a paper prepared for the recent … Continue reading “Al-Qaeda in Iraq:
Another Case of Failed Interventionism?”