First Priority – Avoid US War With Russia

Asked if the U.S. should send troops to fight beside the Ukrainians, Sen. Chris Coons, D-Del., said Sunday the time may have come. Russian President Vladimir Putin "will only stop when we stop him," said Coons. "We are in a very dangerous moment where it is important that … we in Congress and the administration … Continue reading “First Priority – Avoid US War With Russia”

Should We Commit to Fight Russia – for Finland?

The prime ministers of Sweden and Finland, Magdalena Andersson and Sanna Marin, both signaled Wednesday that they will likely be applying for membership in NATO. The "prospect" is most "welcome," says The Washington Post: "Finland and Sweden Should Join NATO." The editorial was titled "A Way To Punish Putin." Before joining the rejoicing in NATO … Continue reading “Should We Commit to Fight Russia – for Finland?”

Who Wins, Who Loses Gen. Milley’s Long War?

Speaking of the seven-week war in Ukraine ignited by Vladimir Putin, Gen. Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, is warning us to expect a war that lasts for years. "I do think this is a very protracted conflict … measured in years," Milley told Congress. "I don’t know about a decade, but … Continue reading “Who Wins, Who Loses Gen. Milley’s Long War?”

Is Global ‘Democracy’ America’s Mission?

"In the battle between democracy and autocracy, democracies are rising to the moment, and the world is clearly choosing the side of peace and security," said President Joe Biden in his State of the Union address. "This is a real test. It’s going to take time." Thus did Biden frame the struggle of our time … Continue reading “Is Global ‘Democracy’ America’s Mission?”

Insult Diplomacy: Does Biden’s Vilification of Putin Help?

Several weeks into the war in Ukraine, ABC’s George Stephanopoulos asked President Joe Biden if he agreed with those who call Russian President Vladimir Putin "a killer." "I do," said Biden. Since calling Putin a killer, Biden has progressed to calling him "a war criminal," "a murderous dictator," "a pure thug" and "a butcher." It … Continue reading “Insult Diplomacy: Does Biden’s Vilification of Putin Help?”

Is Victory for Ukraine Worth Risking Nuclear War?

During the 70 years that the Soviet Union existed, Ukraine was an integral part of the nation. Yet this geographic and political reality posed no threat to the United States. A Russia and a Ukraine, both inside the USSR, was an accepted reality that was seen as no threat for the seven decades that they … Continue reading “Is Victory for Ukraine Worth Risking Nuclear War?”

How Solid Are US War Guarantees?

When several NATO nations revealed that they had dozens of Russian-made MiG-29s, the idea arose to fly them to Ukraine and turn them over to Ukrainian pilots familiar with the MiGs. America would provide F-16s to replace the MiGs. Poland had an even better idea. Warsaw would fly its 27 MiG fighter jets to the … Continue reading “How Solid Are US War Guarantees?”

US Policy: Cheer Ukrainians On – and Keep Us Out!

After Friday’s NATO summit refused to establish a no-fly zone over Ukraine, President Volodymyr Zelensky said the allies’ failure to "close the skies" to Russian military aircraft gives "a green light for further bombing of Ukrainian cities." "All the people who will die starting from this day will … die because of you," said Zelensky … Continue reading “US Policy: Cheer Ukrainians On – and Keep Us Out!”

Is a Russia-NATO Clash Over Ukraine Ahead?

When Hungarian rebels arose in 1956 to overthrow the Communist regime imposed by Joseph Stalin, President Dwight Eisenhower refused to send U.S. forces to aid the Hungarians. Ike would not take America to war with Russia over a small country in Central Europe. While the Hungarians were heroic and inspirational, Hungary was neither a member … Continue reading “Is a Russia-NATO Clash Over Ukraine Ahead?”

Is Putin Considering Using Nukes on NATO?

From his principal avenues of attack on Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin began this war with three strategic goals. Send an army south from Belarus to capture Ukraine’s capital, Kyiv, and replace the government. Send forces into northeast Ukraine to capture its second largest city, Kharkiv, with 1.4 million people. Third, extend the Donetsk enclave … Continue reading “Is Putin Considering Using Nukes on NATO?”