Israel’s Intelligence Scandal

Two weeks ago, the international community made a shocking declaration. Giving in to a demand by George Bush, the “Quartet” accepted the “Revised Disengagement Plan” of Ariel Sharon. This means that the United Nations, the European Union, the Russian Federation and the United States confirmed this document. I wonder if any one of the honorable … Continue reading “Israel’s Intelligence Scandal”

Israeli Politician Lets the Truth Slip

Sometimes a person “buys his world in one moment,” as the ancient Hebrew saying goes. This was done by the Minister of Justice, Yosef (“Tommy”) Lapid, when he uttered the words: “This old woman reminds me of my grandmother!” This old woman, an inhabitant of the Rafah refugee camp whose house was demolished by the … Continue reading “Israeli Politician Lets the Truth Slip”

Advice from a Savvy Investor in the Israeli Occupation: Go to Gaza

Do you want to make the deal of a lifetime? Go to Gaza! The government has kindly laid on armored vehicles for this purpose. Once there, you can obtain the villa you have dreamt about all your life, with two floors and a green lawn, for next to nothing. The State is rich. You can … Continue reading “Advice from a Savvy Investor in the Israeli Occupation: Go to Gaza”

Liberman’s Supreme Soviet

I have received a lot of curses in my lifetime, and here and there some compliments, too. But I have never received a compliment like this one: an important party, represented in the Knesset, has mentioned my name in its official election platform. Under the heading "Legislation and strict supervision of organizations and activists of … Continue reading “Liberman’s Supreme Soviet”

‘Nadav’s’ Putsch

The coming elections will be decided – and perhaps have already been decided – by an anonymous person, whose nom-de-guerre is "Nadav". "Nadav" calls himself an "expert" in the service of the General Security Service (known by its Hebrew acronym Shabak or Shin-Bet). According to him, his official title is "chief of the research department … Continue reading “‘Nadav’s’ Putsch”