Israeli Politician Lets the Truth Slip

Sometimes a person “buys his world in one moment,” as the ancient Hebrew saying goes. This was done by the Minister of Justice, Yosef (“Tommy”) Lapid, when he uttered the words: “This old woman reminds me of my grandmother!” This old woman, an inhabitant of the Rafah refugee camp whose house was demolished by the … Continue reading “Israeli Politician Lets the Truth Slip”

Advice from a Savvy Investor in the Israeli Occupation: Go to Gaza

Do you want to make the deal of a lifetime? Go to Gaza! The government has kindly laid on armored vehicles for this purpose. Once there, you can obtain the villa you have dreamt about all your life, with two floors and a green lawn, for next to nothing. The State is rich. You can … Continue reading “Advice from a Savvy Investor in the Israeli Occupation: Go to Gaza”

Liberman’s Supreme Soviet

I have received a lot of curses in my lifetime, and here and there some compliments, too. But I have never received a compliment like this one: an important party, represented in the Knesset, has mentioned my name in its official election platform. Under the heading "Legislation and strict supervision of organizations and activists of … Continue reading “Liberman’s Supreme Soviet”

‘Nadav’s’ Putsch

The coming elections will be decided – and perhaps have already been decided – by an anonymous person, whose nom-de-guerre is "Nadav". "Nadav" calls himself an "expert" in the service of the General Security Service (known by its Hebrew acronym Shabak or Shin-Bet). According to him, his official title is "chief of the research department … Continue reading “‘Nadav’s’ Putsch”