Canada Needs a New Plan for Afghanistan

We live in difficult times. Afghanistan is sucking up NATO money (and lives) at an alarming rate, with no end in sight and no measurable progress. Member countries are apparently unable to agree on policy or implementation. The laughable Afghanistan Compact, which has no basis in law, set mid-2007 as the goal for an end … Continue reading “Canada Needs a New Plan for Afghanistan”

Bloody but Unbowed: Canadians in Afghanistan

Canadian troops are not in Iraq, although this newspaper has consistently advocated sending them there. As we said at the time of the Coalition intervention in 2003, "much good should flow from it." Subsequent events have proved our position to be entirely wrong. It is now clear that Iraq is in a much more desperate … Continue reading “Bloody but Unbowed: Canadians in Afghanistan”

The Emperor May Have Had Fewer Clothes Than Originally Reported

The Editors have become concerned at the reporting in these pages over the last year. Accordingly, we have undertaken a painstaking review of all stories and reporting of the Emperor over the past 12 months. As other events have shown, we believe our dedication to the truth and – when necessary – cleaning our own … Continue reading “The Emperor May Have Had Fewer Clothes Than Originally Reported”