Ahmadinejad Faces Heavyweight Foe in Larijani

UNITED NATIONS – This week, Iran’s new speaker of parliament, Ali Larijani, proposed forming two joint committees of the legislative and judiciary branches in an effort to reconcile new legislation with the Islamic penal code. The step is viewed as part of Larinaji’s enthusiasm to build strategic alliances within Iran’s political establishment to enhance the … Continue reading “Ahmadinejad Faces Heavyweight Foe in Larijani”

Khomeini’s Granddaughter Slams Ahmadinejad

If your grandfather was the founder of the first Islamic Republic of Iran, you would probably expect to have a very comfortable life in the land of ayatollahs, where Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is president and Khomeini’s successor has absolute power. But you would be wrong. "No recreation is available to us. Arrests are the order of … Continue reading “Khomeini’s Granddaughter Slams Ahmadinejad”

Iranian Activists Fear US ‘Help’ Could Spur Crackdown

The United States is struggling with Iran’s fundamentalist government on two fronts – while U.S. diplomats are negotiating with other members of the UN Security Council to impose sanctions on Tehran, Washington has allocated $75 million to inspire "regime change." The money is to be spent on empowering civil society, providing supplemental requests, broadcasting into … Continue reading “Iranian Activists Fear US ‘Help’ Could Spur Crackdown”