What Does America Offer the World?

“So, how do we advance the cause of female emancipation in the Muslim world?” asks Richard Perle in An End to Evil. He replies, “We need to remind the women of Islam ceaselessly: Our enemies are the same as theirs; our victory will be theirs as well.” Well, the neoconservative cause “of female emancipation in … Continue reading “What Does America Offer the World?”

A Time for Truth

With pictures of the sadistic sexual abuse of Iraqis in Abu Ghraib prison still spilling out onto the front pages, it is not too early to draw some conclusions. The neoconservative hour is over. All the blather about “empire,” our “unipolar moment,” “Pax Americana” and “benevolent global hegemony” will be quietly put on a shelf … Continue reading “A Time for Truth”

The Meaning of Fallujah

On some cable networks, they were comparing it to the Battle of Stalingrad, which is absurd. At Stalingrad, 500,000 Red Army soldiers died along with 147,000 Germans. Another 91,000 Germans surrendered, few of them ever to be seen again. No, Fallujah was no Stalingrad. It was not even first Bull Run in 1861, where society … Continue reading “The Meaning of Fallujah”

Kipling’s Brutal Epitaph

At Versailles in 1919, delegates of four of the five victorious powers arrived with cold, clear ideas of what they must bring home. Japan demanded and got Germany’s islands north of the equator and Shantung in China. Italy demanded and got the Austrian South Tyrol, but was denied Fiume on the Adriatic, and left embittered. … Continue reading “Kipling’s Brutal Epitaph”

Going Back Where They Came From

“If we have to make common cause with the more hawkish liberals and fight the conservatives, that is fine with me,” William Kristol has told the New York Times. The Weekly Standard editor added that the neoconservatives may just abandon the Right altogether and convert to neo-liberalism. Alluding to his father Irving’s definition of a … Continue reading “Going Back Where They Came From”

Bush Outsources Mideast Policy

“Speaking of the Palestinians, they were dealt a lethal blow,” exulted a jubilant Ariel Sharon, “It will bring their dreams to an end.” Sharon was bragging about his trip to Washington where he bullied Bush into selling out the Palestinians as thoroughly as Neville Chamberlain sold out the Czechs at Munich. “Sharon Got It All” … Continue reading “Bush Outsources Mideast Policy”

Thinking the Unthinkable

“I hope you got a sense of conviction about what we’re doing,” said the president, as he ended his primetime press conference. We certainly did. Indeed, listening Tuesday night, one must concede the convictions, the earnestness and the resolve of the president that he is doing what he believes best for America. And he has … Continue reading “Thinking the Unthinkable”

Soldier On, Escalate, or Get Out?

This is “George Bush’s Vietnam,” railed Sen. Kennedy last week in a charge that angered Sen. John McCain. And by any traditional measure of war, McCain is right. While Vietnam lasted a decade and took 58,000 U.S. lives, Iraq has lasted a year and cost 650 US dead. Even the Filipino insurrection of 1899-1902 was … Continue reading “Soldier On, Escalate, or Get Out?”

Is Failure Now an Option?

“No one knows how America’s occupation of Iraq will play out. Optimists say this will be like Germany and Japan after World War II. … Pessimists point to Lebanon and Israel’s invasion of 1982. “Put me down among the pessimists. I think Brer Rabbit just hit the tar baby.” So I wrote, a year ago, … Continue reading “Is Failure Now an Option?”

Does the US Have the Will to Win?

Would that mob in Fallujah have dared treat the security men of Saddam the way they treated those Americans? Would they have danced and shouted, “Death to Saddam,” as they did “Death to Bush”? No way. For every one in those TV pictures and photos would now be in an Iraqi prison or dead. But … Continue reading “Does the US Have the Will to Win?”