Iraq: Millions Trapped in Their Own Country

BAQUBA – At least 5 million Iraqis have fled their homes due to the violence under the U.S.-led occupation, but half of them are unable to leave the country, according to well-informed estimates. According to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), there are more than 4.4 million displaced Iraqis, an estimate that many … Continue reading “Iraq: Millions Trapped in Their Own Country”

In Baquba, Better Security Brings No Reassurance

BAQUBA – The much touted “surge” of US troops in Baquba has caused more problems that it has solved, residents say. Baquba, capital city of Iraq’s Diyala province located 65 km northeast of Baghdad, has long been a volatile city plagued by rampant violence and administrative chaos. In January this year, the Bush administration announced … Continue reading “In Baquba, Better Security Brings No Reassurance”

Many Iraqis Search Hopelessly for the Kidnapped

BAQUBA – Amid the violence and chaos in Diyala province, kidnappings continue unabated, bringing an uncertain fate for the abducted and unanswered questions for their families. Kidnapping has become another form of violence, to add to car bombs, assassinations, displacement, theft, threats, and air strikes. And kidnapping itself is carried out in all sorts of … Continue reading “Many Iraqis Search Hopelessly for the Kidnapped”

Iraqi Children Robbed of Childhood

BAQUBA – The violence around the continuing U.S. military operations in this city has robbed children of their childhood. Only two provincial schools and one private kindergarten school are functioning in this city of 280,000, located 30 mi. north of Baghdad. Most children know neither school nor play. Or even the food they want. "We … Continue reading “Iraqi Children Robbed of Childhood”

Baquba Caught Between the US and Al-Qaeda

BAQUBA – The major U.S. military operation in Baquba city north of Baghdad has ended, but it has left continuing suffering for residents in its wake. The U.S. military launched Operation Arrowhead Ripper in Baquba, 30 mi. northeast of Baghdad, on June 18. Baquba is the capital city of Iraq’s Diyala province. The stated goal … Continue reading “Baquba Caught Between the US and Al-Qaeda”

Sectarianism Splits Security in Diyala

BAQUBA – Militia from the Shia organization Badr have taken over the police force in Diyala province north of Baghdad, residents say. The government led by Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki is believed to have backed such infiltration, and this has reportedly led to clashes with U.S. military leaders. The Daily Telegraph in London has reported … Continue reading “Sectarianism Splits Security in Diyala”

Baquba Denied the Healing Touch

BAQUBA – Diyala General Hospital in the provincial capital Baquba has been hit by a severe lack of supplies amid ongoing attacks by militants. Located 50km northeast of Baghdad, the city of Baquba has become known now for both the huge US military operations and the presence of al-Qaeda. The shortages coupled with a lack … Continue reading “Baquba Denied the Healing Touch”

Baquba: Living in a Dead City

BAQUBA – Life in the violence-plagued capital city of Iraq’s Diyala province has become a struggle for day-to-day survival. Heavy U.S military operations, sectarian death squads, and al-Qaeda militants have combined to make normal life in Baquba, 30 mi. northeast of Baghdad, all but impossible. Movement from the city to another destination is extremely dangerous. … Continue reading “Baquba: Living in a Dead City”

In Baquba, Mass Graves Dug to Deal With Death Toll

BAQUBA – The largest morgue in Diyala province is overflowing daily. Officials told IPS they have had to dig mass graves to dispose of bodies. More and more bodies of victims of the ongoing violence are being found every day in Baquba, capital city of the province, 30 mi. northeast of Baghdad. "The morgue receives … Continue reading “In Baquba, Mass Graves Dug to Deal With Death Toll”

Iraq: Al-Qaeda Escapes U.S. Assault

Air strikes have destroyed civilian homes rather than al-Qaeda targets under the U.S. military operation in Baquba, residents say. But signs have emerged of an al-Qaeda presence here earlier, and some residents speak of relief that al-Qaeda has been driven out of the city by U.S. forces. Located 50km northeast of Baghdad, the volatile capital … Continue reading “Iraq: Al-Qaeda Escapes U.S. Assault”