Is There a Red Line Biden Won’t Cross?

Recent events in Ukraine and Taiwan have presented President Biden with an opportunity to showcase his statesmanship. Both situations presented Biden with a red line. Both times he crossed it. Giving Biden a red line not to cross does not seem to be a good idea. Seemingly demonstrating the psychology less of a statesman and … Continue reading “Is There a Red Line Biden Won’t Cross?”

Russia and Ukraine: The Three Scariest Statements

Russia continues its war on Ukraine. The US and its allies continue flooding weapons into Ukraine. The war goes on, and Ukrainians continue to suffer and die. The last several days have offered little hope but lots of fear. They have also offered three of the scariest statements yet of the war. They are scary … Continue reading “Russia and Ukraine: The Three Scariest Statements”

Is Russia Expanding Its Goals in Ukraine?

On July 20, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that Russia’s war aims had been altered and that Russia might have to push further west. "Now the geography is different," he said, "it’s far from being just the DPR and LPR [Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics], it’s also "Kherson and Zaporizhzhia regions and a number … Continue reading “Is Russia Expanding Its Goals in Ukraine?”

Global Reform and How the US Hurts Itself

Two of the biggest international crises confronting the US today are Russia’s war in Ukraine and the comatose renegotiations of the nuclear agreement with Iran. From an American foreign policy perspective, nothing could be more desirable than reform in the leadership of those two countries. But both Russia and Iran have, in the past, offered … Continue reading “Global Reform and How the US Hurts Itself”

Does Biden’s Base in Poland Break a NATO Promise?

On June 29, Biden introduced his presence at the NATO summit in Madrid, by announcing that the US would establish a permanent headquarters for US forces stationed in Poland. Biden announced that "The new base will be home to the first permanent US forces on NATO’s eastern flank." It will be the first permanent US … Continue reading “Does Biden’s Base in Poland Break a NATO Promise?”

Biden’s Trip: Saudi Arabia Versus Iran

On Friday, July 15, President Biden will land in Saudi Arabia. The White House has worked overtime struggling to defend against the charge that the trip to the repressive autocracy with one of the worst human rights records in the world reveals the hypocrisy and empty words of Biden’s defining democracy versus autocracy foreign policy … Continue reading “Biden’s Trip: Saudi Arabia Versus Iran”

Calling Biden’s Bluff: Exposing the White House’s Cynical Foreign Policy

It’s a good thing Biden is the president and not a poker player. Two Middle East rivals each just called his bluff. The results were different. But what they revealed is the same. Biden’s pretended idealism folded fast to reveal a hand full of pragmatism. Biden had promised to shun Saudi Arabia and its Crown … Continue reading “Calling Biden’s Bluff: Exposing the White House’s Cynical Foreign Policy”

The State of Russia-China Relations

Only weeks before the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Chinese President XI Jinping said that the relationship between Russia and China "even exceeds an alliance in its closeness and effectiveness." And yet, since the Russian invasion, China has seemed remarkably quiet and restrained. Has the relationship proven to be a paper relationship whose words are stronger … Continue reading “The State of Russia-China Relations” Now More Than Ever

A couple of years ago, I was corresponding with Daniel Ellsberg, the elder statesman of whistleblowers and the author of The Doomsday Machine. I had never had the pleasure of talking to him before, so I introduced myself as a columnist at He told me that is his "go-to site every morning!" The … Continue reading “ Now More Than Ever”