Heavy Fighting in Bashir, 231 Killed in Iraq

About 12,000 families have returned to Ramadi, according to Mayor Ibrahim al-Osaj. Citizens may return to cleared neighborhoods after going through security checks, unless their neighborhoods were completely ruined. Water has been restored to about 80 percent of the city.

Security forces freed about 1,000 people in Hit, as they gained more ground from Islamic State militants.

Islamic state militants reportedly are allowing residents of Rutba to evacuate. Mayor Emad al-Delimi asked them not to leave, so the militants could not booby-trap the abandoned residences.

Frequent Turkish airstrikes against Kurdistan Workers Party (P.K.K.) in northern Iraq have emptied dozens of villages along the border.

At least 231 people were killed and 143 were wounded:

In Hit, six soldiers were killed and 13 were wounded when they came across landmines. During operations, 39 militants were killed and 13 were wounded.

Heavy fighting is taking place in Bashir. Roadside bombs killed four militiamen and wounded 22 more. Car and truck bombs killed six militiamen and wounded 28 more.

Six civilians were killed and four were wounded while trying to flee the Zab area.

A roadside bomb in Tarmiya killed two militiamen and wounded four more.

In Baghdad, a bomb killed one person and wounded another five near shops in Shabb.

A civilian was shot dead in Abu Saida.

A roadside bomb near a barbershop in Mussayab wounded one person.

Strikes on Kasriyat left 35 militants dead.

In Qayara, 26 militants were killed during airstrikes.

In Falluja, strikes left 25 militants dead and 30 wounded.

Strikes on Ramadi left 17 militants dead and 23 wounded.

Security forces killed 17 militants in Shirqat.

Sixteen militants were killed in strikes against Baghdadi.

Peshmerga forces killed 14 militants in Khazar.

Ten militants were killed in a failed attack on Nasr.

Artillery fire in Falahat left six militants dead.

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Author: Margaret Griffis

Margaret Griffis is a journalist from Miami Beach, Florida and has been covering Iraqi casualties for Antiwar.com since 2006.