Iraq Executes 17, 26 Killed in Attacks

At least 26 Iraqis were killed and 35 more were wounded. Sixteen more were executed after being found guilty of terrorism-related offences.

The Justice Ministry reported the executions of 16 people on terrorism charges. One man was Egyptian. A 17th person was also put to death, but after being found guilty of a different criminal offence. At least 67 people were executed so far this year. It is unknown when these men were executed.

In Mosul, gunmen killed three Shabak men at a carpentry shop. A bomb killed a policeman and wounded two others. A civilian was gunned down. Gunmen killed a policeman. Two policemen were shot dead at a checkpoint. Gunmen killed a protest leader and wounded a sheikh during a home attack.

Three civilians were killed and eight more were wounded in a blast in Tuz Khormato.

Eight gunmen were killed when their truck exploded during an attack in Rashad.

A roadside bomb in Baaj killed a civilian and a child. A bomb near a policeman’s home wounded him and six family members.

A civilian was killed and two more were wounded in a blast in Mahaweel.

In Baquba, a bomb killed a civilian and wounded two others. Another bomb targeting a councilman wounded a bodyguard instead.

A bomb in Khalis killed a civilian and wounded another.

Seven policemen were wounded in Dujail when a roadside bomb blew up.

An I.E.D. in Tikrit wounded two policemen. A policemen was wounded in a separate blast.

A roadside bomb wounded a policeman in Hibhib.

An al-Qaeda leader was killed during a capture attempt in Iskandariya.

In Najaf, police liberated a kidnapping victim.

Author: Margaret Griffis

Margaret Griffis is a journalist from Miami Beach, Florida and has been covering Iraqi casualties for since 2006.