Iraqi General Survivor in Attacks That Leave 58 Dead

In Baghdad, two people were killed and seven more were wounded when a bomb exploded at a car part mall in a western neighborhood. A bomb targeting police killed two civilians in southeast Baghdad instead. Nine suspects were killed and 98 more were arrested during a security operation.

An attack against a military commander’s motorcade in Adhaim left nine bodyguards dead. Eleven more were wounded during the security mission.

In Baquba, A roadside bomb killed an imam and wounded three more. Another bomb killed a civilian and wounded two policemen. Another person was shot dead. A bomb at a home killed three people and wounded five more.

Five soldiers were killed in a blast in Qayara.

A roadside bomb in Qadisiya killed a man and his 11-year-old son.

A muezzin and another person were killed in a blast in Muqdadiya. Three Sahwa were killed in a small arms attack.

Gunmen stormed a Sahwa member’s home in Abu Khamis where they his wife and two adult daughters.

Two Sahwa members were shot and killed while working on their Abu Saida farm.

In Hammam al-Alil, gunmen killed two bodyguards working for a judge. A policeman was shot dead at a checkpoint.

In Mosul, two off-duty policemen were killed during a drive-by shooting. A policeman was killed in a clash.

Three policemen were killed when gunmen attacked a Shirqat checkpoint. A bomb wounded a captain.

Three rockets struck an army base near Falluja. A policeman was shot to death outside his home.

Near Basra, a woman and her child were stabbed to death.

No casualties were reported after gunmen attacked a Jurf al-Sakhar checkpoint.

Gunmen killed a civilian in Arab Jabour.

Author: Margaret Griffis

Margaret Griffis is a journalist from Miami Beach, Florida and has been covering Iraqi casualties for since 2006.