Shi’ites Focus of Attacks That Leave 90 Dead, 266 Wounded across Iraq

At least 90 people were killed and another 266 were wounded across Iraq today. Many were killed in a series of coordinated attacks against Shi’ites across Baghdad and southern Iraq.

The casualty figures in Baghdad alone reached 40 dead, while another 162 were wounded. Among these attacks: Four people were killed and 15 more were wounded in a blast in Habibiya. A bomb in Shabb killed one and wounded 14 more. In Bayaa, two people were killed and eight more were wounded. Six people were wounded in a blast in Abu Dsheer. In Tobchi, a bomb killed three people and wounded 12 more. A car bomb in Kadhimiya killed one person and wounded ten more. Two people were killed and seven more were wounded when a bomb exploded inside a perfume shop near Ani Mosque in Waziriya. A bomb in Mahmoudiya killed three people and wounded as many as 16 more. Two people were killed and 10 more were wounded in a blast in Shurta al-Rabeaa. A car bomb in Risala left one dead and 10 wounded. In Hurriya, two bombs left four dead and 21 wounded. A car bomb blast near a petrol station in the Baghdad suburb of Sadr City left five dead and 10 wounded. At leas four more people were killed and 23 more were wounded in this or a second bombing.

A suicide car bomber wounded three soldiers in Rabeaa; and one soldier may have been killed in this or another attack.

At least one bomb killed four people and wounded as many as 14 more people in Khamsa Mile.

Three people were killed and nine more were wounded during an I.E.D. explosion in Madaen.

In Tikrit Mines planted on a road killed six policemen, including an officer, and wounded four more. A bomb at an army officer’s home left one dead and two wounded when it blew up.

In Jazeera, security forces killed 10 militants.

In Kut, 10 people were killed and 40 more were wounded when bombs exploded near a market and grouping of construction workers. One of the dead was a young girl.

Six people were killed and 19 more were wounded when a bomb exploded near a Samawa market.

Near Baiji, a roadside bomb killed a police commando chief, his aide, and two bodyguards.

Gunmen killed a senior counterterrorism agent in Hit.

A bomb in Hawija last night killed one soldier and wounded seven more.

In Mosul, a roadside bomb wounded five people, including two civilians.

Gunmen in Qadisiya wounded a policeman.

A SWAT officer was killed in a sticky bombing in Ramadi.

In Muqdadiya, gunmen killed a civilian.

Author: Margaret Griffis

Margaret Griffis is a journalist from Miami Beach, Florida and has been covering Iraqi casualties for since 2006.