Is Trump About to Debunk the Media’s ‘Putin-gate’ Conspiracy Theory?

“It wouldn’t be a bad opening for a Tom Clancy novel about the Cold War” – that’s how the Los Angeles Times described the sequence of events leading up to the expulsion of 35 Russian diplomats (“spies”) and the latest face-off between Washington and Moscow. Indeed the whole episode of has about it a fictional … Continue reading “Is Trump About to Debunk the Media’s ‘Putin-gate’ Conspiracy Theory?”

Do You Suffer From Trump Derangement Syndrome?

Editor’s Note: Justin Raimondo is still under the weather and will return next week. For now, please enjoy Justin’s op-ed in the Los Angeles Times: Do You Suffer From Trump Derangement Syndrome? The country is in the throes of a major epidemic, with no known cure and some pretty scary symptoms. It’s called Trump Derangement … Continue reading “Do You Suffer From Trump Derangement Syndrome?”

Tripwires on the Way to the Inauguration

While President-elect Donald Trump confronts a coordinated assault by the “intelligence community,” the media, and the Democratic party that seeks to delegitimize him before he even takes the oath of office, it’s on the foreign front that the greatest danger looms. The conspiracy theory that has been pushed by the CIA, embraced by the media, … Continue reading “Tripwires on the Way to the Inauguration”

The Leak That Came in From the Cold

What difference, at this point, does it make? As the frantic attempts by die-hard Democrats, the media, and the CIA to prevent Donald Trump from being sworn into office reach a fever pitch, Hillary Clinton’s anguished cry seems like the only appropriate response. Trump won the election, he’s now announcing his Cabinet, and that’s the … Continue reading “The Leak That Came in From the Cold”

Why They Hate Rex Tillerson

While the Democrats morph into a neoconservative party of paranoiacs whose main issue is hating on Russia, and the John McCain-Lindsey Graham duo arises to make its last stand in a Trumpified GOP, Rex Tillerson is the perfect target of their ire. Seeking to delegitimize the President-elect as a Russian-controlled Manchurian candidate, the CIA-Clinton-Saudi axis … Continue reading “Why They Hate Rex Tillerson”

Trump, Taiwan, and the Chinese Paper Tiger

The media and the foreign policy “experts” went ballistic recently over President-elect Donald Trump’s phone call with Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-wen. With one brief call, which the Trump team says was only a congratulatory call initiated by Ms. Ing-wen, Trump blew up our longstanding “One China” policy and precipitated a dangerous collision with Beijing. While … Continue reading “Trump, Taiwan, and the Chinese Paper Tiger”

‘Mad Dog’ Mattis and the Spirit of Trumpism

When it comes to foreign policy, the incoming Trump administration displays a split personality. This was readily apparent during the campaign, when, on the one hand, Donald Trump told us we were lied into the Iraq war, that NATO is “obsolete,” and that we have no business supporting regime change in Syria – and, on … Continue reading “‘Mad Dog’ Mattis and the Spirit of Trumpism”

Dana Rohrabacher for Secretary of State?

President-elect Donald Trump’s cabinet picks continue to be the focus of those looking for portents of what is to come, and the main source of speculation is over the position of Secretary of State. After giving Trump supporters quite a scare with indications that he just might pick none other than Mitt Romney, it looks … Continue reading “Dana Rohrabacher for Secretary of State?”