The Crock of Appeasement

The warmongers, imperialists, and just plain greedy who wish to use up U.S. troops to gain their ill-gotten goods love to use the word "appeasement." Anyone who stands against their expansionist ambitions will be tagged with this term. In the lexicology of the Rabid Right, it evokes British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain’s attempt to negotiate … Continue reading “The Crock of Appeasement”

Don’t Stop With Syria’s Occupation

Fareed Zakaria argues that Bush got one thing right. Zakaria writes: “Bush never accepted the view that Islamic terrorism had its roots in religion or culture or the Arab-Israeli conflict. Instead, he veered toward the analysis that the region was breeding terror because it had developed deep dysfunctions caused by decades of repression and an … Continue reading “Don’t Stop With Syria’s Occupation”

Sadr Marginalized … for Now

With 3.3 million votes counted from about 10 mostly southern provinces, the United Iraqi Alliance of mainly Shi’ite religious parties is so far garnering an astounding 66 percent of the seats in parliament (that percentage will fall as the northern, Sunni Arab, and Kurdish vote comes in, but it may not fall below 50 percent). … Continue reading “Sadr Marginalized … for Now”

Dead Wrong on the Iraqi Elections

At least 12 persons died violently in the guerrilla war on Saturday in Iraq. There was a major battle over control of police stations in Khalis, and Marines found more bodies in Mosul. The U.S. military said that guerrillas had launched a major campaign of intimidation aimed at frightening Sunni Arabs into boycotting the forthcoming … Continue reading “Dead Wrong on the Iraqi Elections”