5,930 Killed in Iraq during October

Updated at 1:15 p.m. EDT, Nov. 1, 2016

At least 5,930 people were killed and 2,463 were wounded across Iraq during October. These figures are estimates, perhaps even conservative ones.

Breaking down the above numbers, we find that 1,629 civilians were killed, and 1,693 were injured. At least 303 security personnel were also killed, and 660 more were wounded in fighting. Militants lost an estimated 3,611 members, while 108 more are known to have been wounded. Again, these are very rough estimates.

Also, one U.S. soldier was killed, and at least two French soldiers were wounded during October. Turkish airstrikes left at least 17 Kurdistan Workers Party (P.K.K.) guerrillas dead as well.

The United Nations released its figures on Tuesday. Its representatives found 1,120 civilians were killed and 1,005 were wounded. They also obtained figures from the Anbar Health Department that added 206 killed and 21 injured to their civilian casualty totals. Security forces lost 672 members, while another 353 were wounded. The United Nations admits that its numbers should be considered the lowest possible estimates. They warn that they have received many more reports of civilian casualties that they have been unable to verify. Also, they do not attempt to count militant casualties.

Combining the highest figures, we have 5,930 killed and 2,463 wounded. These figures are much higher than they were in September due to a massive operation launched against militants in the city of Mosul. Last month only 2,824 people were killed and 1,208 were wounded.

Due to the nature of the fighting in Iraq, accurate numbers may be impossible to obtain. The Iraqi government has been tight with releasing casualty statements concerning security personnel. On the other hand, authorities may be too loose with figures detailing militant losses. Those figures may also represent civilian losses counted as military, such as Daesh families killed in airstrikes along with fighters. Some of the mislabeling may be intentional. Some of the errors may simply be due to lack of confirmation behind enemy lines.

In other news:

Iraq’s special forces entered the Gogjiali (Kokjali) district on Monday, which marks the first time security personnel have been within Mosul city limits since the Islamic State militants seized the city in 2014. They were able to progress to the Karama neighborhood.

A Reuters reporter in nearby Bazwaya village — which was recaptured today — could see smoke rising from the Karama battle, and soldiers also fought in the Aden district. There are also new reports of resistance fighters attacking militants in the city.

Special forces also captured the eastern villages of Subhi, Sunaidii, and Tubruq.

Shi’ite militiamen reported freeing the western villages of Abu Shwayha, Albu Juradi, Arish, Aslya Huwaysh, Dalawiya Al Sharqiyan, Imam Hamza, Hasuna, Kharani Gargara, Khurba Tayir, Mushairafa, Sahi Abas, Sruj, Um Shanin, Um Sijqn, Zuwai’za’s, and Tal Shikham.

On the northern front, troops liberated Najmook, Shalalat, and Tal Yabis.

At least 408 people were killed and 71 were wounded in recent violence:

Militants executed 300 people, civilians and former security personnel, north of Mosul in the village of Moshairefa.

In Baghdad, at least 16 people were killed and 50 were wounded in various attacks around the city.

Gunmen killed a Peshmerga soldier in Tel Skuf, as he was trying to defuse a bomb.

In Bazwaya, 14 soldiers were killed. Another source claimed only one soldier was lightly wounded but 20 militants were killed.

In Mosul, militants killed 50 of their own and mutilated 20 others for fleeing the fighting.  Seven militants were killed in fighting in the Aden district. An explosion killed several militant leaders.

Author: Margaret Griffis

Margaret Griffis is a journalist from Miami Beach, Florida and has been covering Iraqi casualties for Antiwar.com since 2006.