Second Chemical Attack Reported; 204 Killed in Iraq

Islamic State militants have reportedly been transferring themselves and civilians between cities in their dominion. Authorities believe that 600 Daesh fighters were redeployed to Mosul from Falluja. Dozens of Daesh were seen leaving Sharqat ahead of security operations and fleeing towards Hawija. In Tal Afar, Daesh removed 23 elderly women and sent them to Mosul.

At least 204 were killed and 81 were wounded:

The number of civilians and Peshmerga fighters sickened by what is believed to have been two chemical attacks on Sinjar has risen by 72 victims to more than 100 people. Kurdish authorities are investigating the attack.

Authorities in Anbar announced the deaths of 15 security personnel over the last two months. The men were killed as they participated in an exhaustive campaign to disarm explosive booby-traps across Ramadi.

A rocket attack on Wafa injured a child. A suicide bomber was killed during the attack.

In Taza, clashes left wounded five security personnel and left 37 militants dead. A rocket attack wounded three civilians.

In Albu Bali and Albu Obeid, security forces killed 40 militants.

Security forces killed 28 militants in the Ajil oil fields.

Clashes in Nuaimiya left 27 militants dead.

Peshmerga forces killed 23 militants in Bashir.

In Hidr, militants killed 12 members for abandoning battles in Anbar.

Eleven militants were killed in Baghdadi.

In Mosul, an armed youth group killed a militant leader. An airstrike killed a separate leader and four assistants.

Security forces killed two militants in Saylo.

Residents of Sharqat killed two militants, including a commander.

Author: Margaret Griffis

Margaret Griffis is a journalist from Miami Beach, Florida and has been covering Iraqi casualties for since 2006.